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Dr. James Pogue
Episode 1112th February 2021 • The Focus with Taylor L. Cole Longacre • Taylor L. Cole Longacre
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Taylor welcomes Diversity, Inclusion, and Bias expert Dr. James Pogue on this episode of The Focus. What important steps should organizations be taking in this new era of the working world? Are employer-recognized groups, affinity groups, and committees enough?

Through expert keynotes, thought-provoking workshops, or executive coaching, Dr. Pogue supports leaders in making the decisions that attract, engage, and retain talent at all levels.

Topics in this episode:

  • How can we have better race relations at work?
  • How to run a more diverse workplace.
  • How to lead diverse teams
  • Should I support Black Lives Matter?
  • How to talk with someone of a different race
  • Resolving conflict at work
  • Resolving conflict over culture
  • How to avoid bias
  • Black History Month

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