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Matt Firestone | Crushing Sales & Social Media
Episode 213rd May 2023 • Customer Café by Collabria • Collabria
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In today's episode, we have Matt Firestone an account executive at Noble and founder of SDRs of Israel, discussing his journey from the legal space to the startup world and his current role in sales development. He emphasizes how his legal background has been valuable in his current position, particularly in terms of analytical and writing skills. Matt explains that he has been implementing sales technology, such as Sales Navigator and Gong, and using Salesforce and sales engagement tools to build out sequences and gather data. He is also working on building a playbook with the founder and marketing team, focusing on targeted messaging, ideal customer profile (ICP), and the sales process.

Matt collaborates with the founder and product team to run the entire funnel, passing off the final deal closing to the founder. He stresses the importance of marketing in the sales cycle and how he has been learning from marketing about ICP and language while providing feedback on conversations with clients and current trends. The conversation touches on whether SDRs fall under marketing or sales, with both speakers agreeing that SDRs need to work closely with both departments. However, one of them suggests that SDRs are more closely related to marketing in terms of their role and DNA.

The speakers discuss SDRs in different communities, such as the SDRs of Germany who shared their successful model. They also talk about the need for better collaboration between SDRs of different organizations and how cultural differences can affect business relationships. The conversation shifts to the effectiveness of CCing in outreach and how it can be perceived differently in different markets.

Matt shares his approach to building his personal brand on LinkedIn, emphasizing the importance of being a real person and establishing oneself as an expert in sales, rather than just in the industry they work in. He recommends investing in oneself and building a personal network, as well as learning from influencers on LinkedIn and podcasts. He believes that while there may be differences between industries, the basics of SDR work hold true, making it possible to move between industries.

Overall, the conversation provides insights into sales development, marketing, and personal branding, as well as the importance of collaboration and cultural awareness in business relationships. The guest expresses gratitude for being invited to the show.

He also shares his personal strategies for continuous professional growth and improvement.


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