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The Practical Protection Podcast - Kathryn Knowles EPISODE 7, 30th April 2020
Steve Casey - Recovering from a Stroke
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Steve Casey - Recovering from a Stroke

Hi Everyone!

Today we are so pleased to have Steve Casey joining us on the podcast.

Steve has worked within financial services for many years, but that is not the focus of this episode. In 2018 Steve had a stroke, completely out of the blue, in his words it came with a bang.

This episode is focused upon hearing Steve's story, how it felt to have a stroke, what happened and how his recovery has been. We then venture a little bit into his experience of making a claim on his critical illness insurances afterwards and what he is up to now.

He is an incredible guy and we hope that you enjoy listening to him.

Our 3 key takeaways:

  1. The FAST stroke test.
  2. You do not always experience facial weakness and loss of arm strength, when having a stroke.
  3. Two case study clients that had experienced strokes, that were able to access protection insurance.

As with all of our episodes, we love your feedback! Please let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions for future episodes pop up a message.

Next time we have another mystery guest, focusing upon the importance of income protection.