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Information For Internationally Educated Healthcare Professionals Who Want To Work in Canada | Episode 49
Episode 4921st December 2022 • Ask Canada Immigration Lawyer Evelyn Ackah • Evelyn Ackah
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Calgary immigration lawyer Evelyn Ackah explains Canada's new goal to recruit more internationally educated healthcare professionals who want to work in Canada. With Canada's current healthcare crisis and labour shortage, this is a much needed program.

  • Dec 5, IRCC Minister Sean Frasier a request for proposals.
  • IRCC will invest up to $90 Million to help foreign healthcare workers get their credentials recognized to work in Canada.
  • Under the Foreign Credential Program, Canada will remove barriers to foreign workers getting recognized experience and simplify the process.
  • The program will create support including childcare, transportation and coaching for participants.
  • The program will maintain Canada's current high standards, but allow much needed foreign healthcare workers to work in Canada.
  • This will allow a smoother, more efficient immigration process for
  • Employers who have proposals and foreign healthcare workers who want to work in Canada can reach out to Ackah Law for more information.

About Evelyn Ackah

Evelyn Ackah is the Founder and Managing Lawyer at Ackah Business Immigration Law. We work with individuals and business owners from all over the world who want to cross borders seamlessly. For more information on immigration to Canada or the United States, Ask Evelyn Ackah at Ackah Business Immigration Law today at (403) 452‑9515 or email Evelyn directly at

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