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Learning To Grow A Business At Home, Ep. 1
Episode 122nd September 2020 • Yes, I Work From Home • April K Malone
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Our first guest on the Yes, I Work From Home Podcast is Ryan Langr, from Austin, Minnesota. Ryan's held a few various positions over the years but has transitioned more recently from being a stay-at-home to a work-from-home dad in the past 2.5 years. Ryan had been blogging for about 15 years, but two years ago, he managed to take his writing skills and combine them with a creative hobby which turned into a work-from-home endeavor. He started his own table top game design publishing company that has grown to the point where he is now managing a team of about 15 freelancers and independent contractors. He is also starting online schooling with his 5-year-old daughter this year and is simultaneously looking forward to even more chances to grow his business and his skills.

In our interview, we talk about balancing deadlines with time flexibility, working while also managing household and parental duties, etc. We talk about where he's decided to set up his home office and why, equipment, tech tools, ergonomics, and time management/combating procrastination, and how they handle the division of household responsibilities in a family with two working parents.

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Ryan Langr can be reached at:

Ryan sells his Dungeons and Dragons PDFs at DMS Guild* here.

He also sells his work at Drive Thru RPG*--make sure to find Cities of Myth (5e): Fallen Camelot here.

Ryan mentions some blogging he'd been doing on his own, but he also spent a year doing ghostwriting projects on Upwork. He shared this link to one of his own projects:


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