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Why Venture Capital is the Right Side Gig for this Physician with Dr. Marshall Kuremsky
Episode 427th May 2021 • The Prosperous Doc • Spaugh Dameron Tenny
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Dr. Marshall Kuremsky knew he wanted to be an orthopaedic sports medicine surgeon since he was 12 or 13, but it wasn’t until four years or so into his practice that he took a keen interest in the financial and business world. That craving for knowledge, which had propelled him to success in medical school and at work, itched to be satisfied yet again.

“I simply started to realize that I craved as much information, knowledge, and experience about business and finance as I could. I started to expand my network, socially and professionally, outside of medicine,” says Dr. Kuremsky.

On this episode of the Prosperous Doc®, our host Shane Tenny, CFP® welcomes Dr. Kuremsky to discuss his path into venture capital, which stemmed from his passion for learning. Dr. Kuremsky shares his journey and how important it is to make your money work for you. 

“If you make the right decisions, or the smart decisions, you're able to move through your career from the stage where it's you having to go to work, to the stage where it's your money going to work — to generate the money that you need,” he explains.

Dr. Kuremsky also discusses the importance of investing in businesses that will make a difference. As a member of LOUD Capital, which follows the motto “Venture for People ®,” he’s involved in world-changing ventures. 

“We want everybody to have access to capital, particularly underrepresented or traditionally excluded groups and it's everybody,” he says.


💡 Featured Expert 💡

Name: Dr. Marshall Kuremsky 

What he does: Dr. Marshall Kuremsky is an orthopaedic surgeon and venture capitalist with LOUD Capital, where he takes pride in investing in the world’s future. 

Company: LOUD Capital 

Words of wisdom: “My whole philosophy in the last five years has been finding ways to make sure that I was making money when I'm not working.” 

Connect with Dr. Kuremsky: Website | Twitter | LinkedIn | Email 

Connect with LOUD Capital: Twitter | LinkedIn


💰 On the Money 💰

Top takeaways from this episode 

★    Pursue your curiosities. After going through medical school and practicing medicine for four years, Dr. Kuremsky realized he craved more knowledge — specifically, knowledge about business and finance. That curiosity led him down a fruitful path to becoming an associate at LOUD Capital.

★    It all comes down to the people. Dr. Kuremsky credits his trust in good people for leading him to venture capital. He trusted someone who had a mutual vision and purpose and someone he believed to have good core values. These people are now his business partners. 

★    Be proactive and take a hands-on approach. Venture capital can be far more than simply raising and deploying capital. For LOUD Capital, it's helping to grow and shape companies and provide them with leadership, resources, and the network to live up to their potential.


⚡ Prosperous Insights ⚡

[02:38] Follow your curiosity: Dr. Kuremsky achieved his dream of becoming an orthopaedic surgeon but became curious about finance and business. He realized there was more to his passion than serving his patients each day, leading him to pursue venture capital.

[09:56] Trust good people: More than anything, Dr. Kuremsky credits the people rather than the business for drawing him into venture capital. He was inspired by the good people already doing the work and the purpose and vision they pursued.

[11:27] The venture capital breakdown: Dr. Kuremsky explains what exactly venture capital is, which is early stage investment in companies, people, entrepreneurs, or startups. He breaks down the different levels of involvement and what the journey can look like for different people.

[12:24] Get your hands dirty: Dr. Kuremsky and the LOUD Capital team boast a very hands-on approach with their investments. To them, investing is far more than raising and deploying capital — it's helping to grow and shape companies by providing them with leadership, resources, and network.

[18:30] Getting started: There are different ways for people to get involved in venture capital. One of the simplest ways, which Dr. Kuremsky did, is to become an investor, or a limited partner. Investors can then choose their level of involvement, which determines next steps.

[20:07] Reach out and network: Getting started on finding the right investment for you can be challenging. It takes reaching out to people via phone, email, or even social media. It takes networking to find the right people with whom your values align. Dr. Kuremsky encourages people to contact him via mobile (919-609-6879) or email (

[25:58] Make money work for you: Making smart moves in venture capital can open doors. According to Dr. Kuremsky, “You're able to move through your career from the stage where it's you having to go to work, to the stage where it's your money going to work — to generate the money that you need.”

[29:59] “Venture for People ®”: LOUD Capital’s motto speaks directly to its mission. The company wants everybody to have access to capital, especially underrepresented communities. One such initiative is the Pride Fund, which supports investments in members of the LGBTQ community.


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