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Veteran Wealth Secrets - Scott R. Tucker EPISODE 11, 13th April 2021
011 with Brian Wirtz Marine Veteran Entrepreneur - Play the Long Game
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011 with Brian Wirtz Marine Veteran Entrepreneur - Play the Long Game

Veteran Secret 011 with Brian Wirtz - Play The Long Game

Brian Wirtz, a retired Marine turned entrepreneur, will share his wisdom in playing the long game during the transition. Today, he will share his thoughts on creating your vision, setting up your revolving door, and taking opportunities to further skill sets.  

Episode Highlights:

  • 02:43- Brian focuses on building his talent acquisition company that focused on high performing veterans.
  • 04:09- Brian is trying to develop a strong pipeline to place the visionary integrators concept. 
  • 09:27- Brian defines playing the long game for transitioning veterans 
  • 13:25- Unpacking his epiphany with a couple of tiered processes. 
  • 14:45- The civilian context and creating your own trajectory. 
  • 22:58- LinkedIn approach focused on rotational tours, foundational tours, and transformational roles 
  • 24:00- The cutting edge of helping to integrate LinkedIn approach to military transition 
  • 25:00- The best pool of integrators are transition military 

3 Key Points:

  1. Playing the long game is setting your goal a few years from now, making the plan, and being open to different routes to get there.
  2. Recognize the value in things that are outside the traditional things. Build skill sets, both from failure or success, put yourself where opportunities show up. 
  3. Get a variety of experience in different types of companies that would make you a more well-rounded leader and entrepreneur. 


  • “Everything I've done has been in different industries, but that's part of what makes my path valuable. I've learned my lesson and continue to grow to the next level of leadership and business administration.”- Brian Wirtz
  • The long game for transitioning veterans is to take the goal post and move it from getting a job to figuring out where you want your life to go. “- Brian Wirtz
  • “You can get something that's income replacement, but it never changes. Put yourself in an intentional trajectory to take on higher levels of responsibility because the civilian sector is unbounded, but you're responsible for creating your opportunities. “- Brian Wirtz
  • “The absolute pond of fish for integrators are transitioning militaries we just need the transitional experiences to get them ready and successful.”- Brian Wirtz

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