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4 Differences of Kodály Music Lessons and Piano Lessons
Episode 259th June 2022 • Doremi Teach • Helen Russell
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Do you teach classroom music and private instrumental lessons using the Kodály approach?

I don’t know about you, but as a Kodály music teacher I actually teach in a lot of different settings.

I teach classroom music using my very own Kodály based Doremi Teach Music curriculum, and I also teach private piano lessons, again using my Kodály based Doremi Teach Piano curriculum. In fact it’s more than just that. I also teach adult musicianship and of course deliver teacher training and coaching to my Doremi members.

And despite each setting using the same approach, that is the singing based Kodály approach to music education, they can actually look quite different in some areas.

In this podcast episode I share my four top differences. 

Difference #1 - Pitch Awareness

Difference #2 - Practice

Difference #3 - Speed

Difference #4 - Notation

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