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Exploring sustainability with Mr Hill, Miss Walker, as well as Lola & Grace from Y13
Episode 192nd October 2023 • Chatting with Channing • Channing School
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#019 - Welcome to Chatting with Channing, the podcast for Channing School that lets you, the listener, find out more by hearing from people throughout the school community. Each episode, you’ll hear real stories from staff, from pupils, from parents and the school’s alumnae, to give you a true reflection of life on Highgate Hill.

In this episode we’re talking all about sustainability with Mr Hill, Miss Walker, and Lola & Grace from Y13. So we get to find out why Lola and Grace wanted to be involved in this, we hear about some of the key environmental challenges and issues that Channing faces with this, and how all this will be looking on a day-to-day level.

That’s all coming up in this episode so come with me as Arabella speaks to Mr Hill, Miss Walker, Lola and Grace in this episode of Chatting with Channing.

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