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All About Eggs, Our One-Minute Cooking Tip, An Interview With Chicken Wrangler Lisa Steele, Oreos, Turkey, & More!
Episode 9815th November 2021 • Cooking with Bruce and Mark • Bruce Weinstein & Mark Scarbrough
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Welcome to our magazine-format podcast. Some shows are scatter-shot: all sorts of different segments. This week's episode is all about one thing: eggs!

Join us, Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough, the authors of thirty-five cookbooks (not counting the ones ghost-written for celebs). We'll have lots of fun talking about that breakfast, baking, and even dinner staple: eggs.

[00:21] Segment 1: Here's everything you need to know about eggs, particularly geared to the U. S. market (although you might find some keen info, even if you don't live where we do).

[11:20] Segment 2: Our one-minute cooking tip: the best ways to separate eggs when you need the yolks and whites in different bowls.

[12:21] Segment 3: Bruce's interview with chicken wrangler and egg expert Lisa Steele of and author of the upcoming cookbook, THE FRESH EGGS DAILY COOKBOOK.

[22:35] Segment 4: What’s making us happy in food this week. It's all about oreos and turkey!