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Episode 426th February 2021 • Success Inspired • Vit Müller
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My guests today are twin brothers Chris & Eric Martinez, #1 International Best-Selling Authors and Speakers also known as the “Dynamic Duo” who operate a world class Online Fitness and Lifestyle Company by the name of “Dynamic Duo Training.” They are also Business coaches that own “The Dynamic Fit Pros” where they help fitness enthusiasts build and grow their online coaching businesses.

These twin brothers have built a six -figure online fitness coaching business and have worked with thousands of people via online and in person and worked with hundreds of fitness coaches to help them build their online businesses and scale them. 

As successful entrepreneurs themselves they believe that everyone has the right to an abundant lifestyle, and the responsibility to help others have the same.

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  • (00:00:18) - Introduction of my guests today Chris & Eric Martinez
  • (00:02:12) - Chris's & Eric's story about how fitness helped them get through the loss of their father
  • (00:09:58) - How did Chris & Eric decided to go full time on online training
  • (00:11:40) - Talking about typical lifestyle of a Personal trainer
  • (00:14:42) - Reframe your mindeset from what if to even if. Plus little mention on trading.
  • (00:17:10) - We talk about Online training, fitness on demand and other emerging trends
  • (00:24:14) - How does Chris & Eric help fitness professionals around the world to start their online fitness business
  • (00:27:13) - Importance of social proof and asking for testimonial
  • (00:31:10) - Some real truth for new fitpros to be
  • (00:37:40) - Steps you need to take if you want to launch your own online fitness business
  • (00:41:39) - Power of a good morning ritual, Tai Lopey's 33% rule and Vit's tip on boosting confidence through public speaking
  • (00:47:05) - Chris & Eric share what they're not good at
  • (00:51:00) - Looking to start your own business? Here is some advice from Chris & Eric
  • (00:53:13) - Get Chris's & Eric's Dynamic Fit Pro Level 1 Program
  • (00:58:56) - Free Book Offer - 'Rise of the Fit Pros'

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Introduction of my guests today Chris & Eric Martinez Vit Muller:

[00:00:18] hello, everybody Vit here from Success Inspired Podcast. My guests today are twin brothers, number one international best-selling authors and speakers also known as the 'Dynamic duo' who operate a world-class online fitness and lifestyle company by the name of 'Dynamic Duo Training'.

[00:00:36] They're also business coaches that own the 'Dynamic Fitpros' where they help fitness enthusiasts build and grow their online coaching businesses. These twin brothers have built a six figure online fitness coaching businesses, and they've worked with thousands of people via online and in-person and work with hundreds of fitness coaches to help them build their online fitness business and scale it. 

[00:00:59] As a successfull entrepreneurs themselves, they believe that everyone has the right to an abundant lifestyle and the responsibility to help others have the same.

[00:01:09] Please, welcome to the show, Chris and Eric Martinez. 

Eric Martinez: [00:01:18] Thank you so much. Really appreciate the introduction. And I have to ask before we get started, is this your first time interviewing twins?

Vit Muller: [00:01:25] That is the first time. 

[00:01:27] Eric Martinez: [00:01:27] And so this might be a good thing or a bad 

Vit Muller: [00:01:30] thing. Yeah. We know the good thing is that you guys are both in the same picture rather than like, you know, like if you guys were in in two separate zooms, like zooming in separately and wearing the same t-shirt that would mess me up.

Eric Martinez: [00:01:43] That'd be freaky. But yeah, I mean, if the, if the viewers can watch the video part, I mean, our eyebrows are pretty much taken up the whole screen. 

Vit Muller: [00:01:51] Yeah, well, the, the, the guys can watch it on a YouTube channel on our YouTube channel when this gets released. But otherwise for you guys listening thank you all for listening.

[00:01:58] Today's to today's episode, me, Chris and Eric, we're going to have a good hour talking about everything that they do to share their Success and, and hopefully inspire you to be more successful as well. So back to you guys 

Chris's & Eric's story about how fitness helped them get through the loss of their father 

[00:02:12] where did this all started for you, how did you, um, what inspired you to sort of enter the fitness industry? Let's say. 

[00:02:18] Eric Martinez: [00:02:18] Yeah, no, that's a great question. So if I can take your listeners through our story. So 18 years ago we were 17 years old and you know, we lost our father at that, at that young age and pretty much, you know, we grew up in a very picture-perfect life. My father was a correctional officer at San Quentin state prison.

[00:02:34] So. He was really tough on us. I always instilled discipline, just work ethic education. So it was a great household though, you know, and you know, we were very dislike, you know, just a very tight family, you know, and then all of a sudden, you know, just like three days before Christmas, he left to a work party and you know, we didn't, we didn't even get a chance to say goodbye to him.

[00:02:54] And I remember I'm getting a knock on the door. Like at three in the morning. And it was California highway patrol officer and a chaplain. So not a good combination at that hour. And I thought I was like in a nightmare dreaming, but I remember I woke up and I saw my mom on the floor screaming because they had told her that he had passed away.

[00:03:11] He fell asleep behind the wheel and died instantly. So right then and there, our entire family was just kind of like flipped a 360, you know, just like our whole life just kind of went down like. The tubes. Right. And we weren't ready for that. And three months after that, you know, my mom lost her mom due to cancer.

[00:03:29] So I felt like we lost a part of our mom too, because she turned to alcohol. She turned to anti-depressant pills because she was lost. She didn't know how to deal with like losing her husband and her mother at the same time. So Chris and I we only had each other, our older brother, you know, that's five years older than us.

[00:03:44] He was lost. So we only had each other, you know, when we went down a dark path for about six years and we turned to alcohol, you know, we got into a lotq of fights. We got arrested just because we didn't, we had no guidance and we were very angry and we didn't know how to deal with that type of grief. So what kind of got us out of this Vit was literally fitness going to the gym. You know, pumping iron, just alleviating, alleviating the anger, the stress, seeing body compositional changes, building confidence, you know, building our mindset up in the gym to where that's, what really just changed our whole life. And then after that, we hired a huge fitness pioneer by the name of Dr. Layne Norton as one of our coaches. And he took us under his wing for several years and we learned, you know, how he did all of his systems, his processes ran online business. This is really early on about a decade ago. So yeah. We were just like sponges and students learning everything he did. And then we went to hire Eric Helms at 3DMJ, Dr. Joe Klemczewski. So we're constantly like hiring more and more fitness pioneers to learn their craft and get better at this. And then we went on to get like our certifications, all that stuff. And then. We built our first business Dynamic Duo training, where we served over a thousand clients worldwide just with like custom exercise nutrition programs.

[00:04:56] And then the last three years, we completely pivoted B2B coaching to fit pros and just that's called the Dynamic Fit Pros where we're helping them build their businesses, create more income, impact, influence, and independence. And yeah, you know, we, we have a podcast, a dynamic lifestyle podcast, and we have a couple of books that we've written in.

[00:05:10] We've done some speaking engagements. So, here we are. 

[00:05:14] Vit Muller: [00:05:14] Wow, very impressive journey guys,very impressive um, hold on on, you know, getting through all that, all that, you know, all the hardship. I cannot, I can't even imagine how hard it must've been for you guys losing your dad. And, you know, obviously losing that father figure is so important when you, when you're growing up.

[00:05:30] So well done on, on you know getting through all that and You know, finding the positive in the fitness industry and, and sticking to each other. I think that's a really important lesson here is that when things go sour, when things go bad to have somebody that can, you know pick you up, you know, keep you, keep you on track.

[00:05:50] And so it's good to hear that you guys, you know, stuck together and helped each other. And that's very very Motivational. Nice work. 

[00:05:58] Eric Martinez: [00:05:58] Thank you. 

[00:05:59] Vit Muller: [00:05:59] Tell me about that first moment when you when you sort of had that conversation to go to the gym, because as you said, you, you guys been obviously turning to alcohol as a way to get through, get through everything.

[00:06:14]Tell me about that moment when you, when you guys decided to, okay. Let's let's, let's go to the gym. 

[00:06:19] Chris Martinez: [00:06:19] Yeah. I mean, w we grew up playing soccer for a lot of years and then it wasn't until like, I think like sixth grade or something like that, we, we completely fell in love with playing basketball. So we played basketball all the way until senior year.

[00:06:30] And then what got us going to the gym was we went to like a 24 hour fitness out back home and we'd play basketball and we'd mess around. And like, lift weights before or after, but we weren't there to really like, you know, do anything. We're there to play basketball and just have some fun, but you know, it really wasn't until like, we got to that point where.

[00:06:46] We started getting more inspired into like, you know, weightlifting. I think we hired a personal trainer and that's kind of what got us into it, the structure and stuff. And then we just started seeing changes, you know, and obviously that builds our confidence up. And obviously we're at that age too, where it's like, we were chasing women too.

[00:06:59] So we wanted to look good without a shirt, build some muscle and stuff like that. But yeah. Yeah. I mean, it just was one of those things too, where we just needed to, to be able to alleviate the pain, you know, from our father. So like picking heavy things up and just like grunting and just letting our frustration, our stress out in the gym, it was therapeutic for us.

[00:07:15] You know, some people won't look at it like that, but it helped us out. And that was kind of like our gateway to get out of like the trauma we were dealing with and, and be able to cope with it. 

[00:07:25] Vit Muller: [00:07:25] Absolutely Eric, you were going to say so, 

[00:07:29] Eric Martinez: [00:07:29] Oh no, no. I was, I was just thinking like, what else could I add to that?

[00:07:32] But there's really nothing else. I mean, Chris pretty much nailed it. You know, it was kind of the same thing. We're just like, we just fell in love with it. And for me, like I said What, what the, what the gym did at that moment was it had such a big carry over to my mindset and something that I've always told my clients when I've coached, you know, clients and through fitness was always work on, you know, building the six pack in your mind first, then work on the six pack on the outside because your mindset is going to control everything in terms of like your habits, the lifestyle that you build, the way you look at fitness and the tools that it offers.

[00:08:00] So I think that was like my biggest turning point with that. And I just saw like that how, you know, My confidence built up. Like I want to sit there and speak more. I wanted to be on camera more. I wanted to actually work harder. So that's why I really appreciate it. Just like going to the gym and that just, I think that really saved us.

[00:08:16]Vit Muller: [00:08:16] Uh, You mentioned, you mentioned you know habits and and the mindset to, to starting a, you know, exercise, new exercise journey and achieving better health and fitness. What would you recommend to somebody that's listening right now? That is looking to turn to fitness as a, as a, as a tip where they should start first.

[00:08:36] Chris Martinez: [00:08:36] Hmm. I mean, it really all depends on like what, like what interests them and fitness, because there's so many different avenues with fitness, you know, like there's CrossFit, there's yoga, there's running, there's like weightlifting there's F45, there's so many different things, right? So, I mean, if they're at that point where they don't even know where to start, I mean, the best thing is just try, like all those types of things and whatever they want to sit there and work hard at the most.

[00:08:57] I would probably sit there and advocate and. One of our mentors, Eric Helms taught us this acronym called ref realistic, enjoyable, and flexible. This applies to like, you know, nutrition and training. So it's like find something in, in like an exercise it's realistic that you see yourself doing for days, weeks, months on end find something that's enjoyable, right.

[00:09:15] Because if it's somebody that likes doing. You know, like you know, classes or group classes, they don't, they're not going to want to go into the gym and do a bodybuilding style type of like split. Right. So find something that's enjoyable and then find something that's flexible, you know, so something that's not like, you know, every single day, obviously it's gonna be taken up to three hours of your time.

[00:09:31] Somethink that fits in your schedule. That's sustainable and actually actually feasible. 

[00:09:36]Vit Muller: [00:09:36] Especially if somebody starting up from a, from a zero background in, and being physically active terrible habits, bad lifestyle, if somebody's starting from, from that point then yeah, like you said, you got to find something that, you know, I enjoy doing because it's going to take some time before you build those habits and you want to be able to maintain it.

[00:09:54] Long-term right. So, absolutely. Yup. Now. 

How did Chris & Eric decided to go full time on online training [00:09:58] So natural progression then for you guys was to as a business. So initially, obviously you were trying to helping people at the gym. What made you decide to then venture into an online 

[00:10:09] Eric Martinez: [00:10:09] for fitness coaching or just like helping fitness professionals build their business?

[00:10:14] Vit Muller: [00:10:14] I think you start, haven't you started a fitness coaching first? 

[00:10:17] Eric Martinez: [00:10:17] Yeah. So what, what, got us go online? Was it because when we were being coached by Layn Norton, he was, he was, he was doing that really early on. That's how we came across him We were in California, he was in Florida. So we were like, Whoa, like, I didn't even know that you could sit there and coach somebody with exercise through the internet.

[00:10:34] So it was all new to us. And I remember I used to tell people when we had this idea of starting our own business, like, Oh, you know, I'm going to help people get in shape over the internet. People would laugh and they're like, no, like that will never work this and that, but go figure now, like online coaching is like here to stay and it's probably been bigger than ever, but that's what got us started with that just because he was doing that, we saw how effective it was and we're like, okay, well, There's two of us.

[00:10:59] So I, we can serve double the people and create more impact around the world. 

[00:11:03] Chris Martinez: [00:11:03] But it was also too, because we're doing personal training in person at a small, independent gym from 2009 to 2011. And we saw that it was a broken business model that we're working 60 hours a week there, you know, and we were trading time for money.

[00:11:16] There, there is nothing that you could scale that business with, you know, so there's frustrations there, you know, and then that's like when we hired Layne and we saw Layne, it was like this big epiphany, like, Holy shit, like we can do this too. So that's when we started slowly dabbling with like our in-person clients, taking them online testing, like the concepts, all those types of things.

[00:11:34] You get the social proof out there and then eventually, you know, started transitioning to full full-time online training. 


Talking about typical lifestyle of a Personal trainer [00:11:40] Vit Muller: [00:11:40] Absolutely. And you're totally right in terms of what you said about, you know, one-on-one in the gym training. It's, it's a, it's a, it's a model that has its ceiling and you can't really get past it.

[00:11:53] I know myself and I've been a trainer for eight years when I was training, my clients back in  Sydney, you really have just those before work maybe at lunchtime,somebody comes in for a session and then the evening. So then what end up happening? And this is where you guys listening, who are maybe outside of the fitness.

[00:12:11] You might not even have an idea about, you know, what personal trainers lifestyle is just to tell you that tells you that it is it is such that you wake up 5:00 AM. You know, you get to the gym. Oftentimes even earlier you get to the gym, you know, once you get through three or four workouts at three, four training sessions with your clients And then, you know, you hang around and do your stuff.

[00:12:31] You might do your training, you might do your own stuff on your computer, and then you might have another client at lunchtime. And then again, you might do something in the afternoon and then, and then you have to wait because the next, the next possibility to get a client is typically after work. Right.

[00:12:45] Would you guys agree? That's typically how it goes. 

[00:12:48] Chris Martinez: [00:12:48] Oh yeah. And that's, that's a perfect scenario to, you know, that's, if everybody like, you know, commits to their training session and shows up. And that's the other frustrating part about it is like, you know, somebody will have a a broken business model as a Personal trainer, where they're sitting there doing like a business model where it's like, they're trading sessions for money and that's not a good business model.

[00:13:06] You should do like a membership style. So that's a tip, but you know, if somebody doesn't show up, the trainer doesn't get paid. So they're kind of like, you know, sitting there not getting paid and frustrated, and they don't have marketing skills or sales skills because they're not taught that in these fancy, like, you know, organizations of like certification.

[00:13:22] So then what do they do? You know, they get frustrated and they're like, okay, this is not a good industry. It sucks. I'm not going to get paid. So they go off and try to find something that's more sustainable and more consistent with income. 

[00:13:34] Vit Muller: [00:13:34] Absolutely. I remember when I started, you know, back like 10 years ago, it was being a common thing to say that about 90% of the trainers leave the industry within the first year.

[00:13:43] I'm not sure if it's still the case or if it's improved or not. I would hope that it's improved. 

[00:13:48] Eric Martinez: [00:13:48] I think even more of what the pandemic, you know, after that hit, I think a lot of, a lot of people just like were like on the fence about it. And I think that what's going on now is a lot of people are just like halfway in with like being a personal trainer.

[00:14:00] They're not fully committed. Cause we do a lot of data just with like, you know, our students and just other people that we talk to. And yeah, it's, it seems to be like the same thing that's going on. Just because there's so much uncertainty with gyms opening and closing will gyms ever be the same, but I always tell people, you know, that the, the supply and demand of it, you know, especially the, the, the demand is at an all time high, you know, people still have to put health at the forefront no matter what.

[00:14:25] So they need. Coaches, they need trainers. And that's why online coaching is so effective if you do it right. You know how to just program for people because you know, it's just, is there enough supply? Is there enough people that are bought into it and still wanting to serve people? 

[00:14:37] Chris Martinez: [00:14:37] Yeah and I think this lesson will be good for not only fitpros, but anybody else that's in another industry is like, Yeah. 

Reframe your mindeset from what if to even if. Plus little mention on trading. [00:14:42] People need to reframe their mindsets. Like even with all this pandemic happening, by going into 2021, like a lot of people have like sat there and said like, what if, right? So like what if like the pandemic keeps going on?

[00:14:52] What if things keep getting shut down? What if it's a bad economy, right. All these what ifs they need to reframe their mindset to. Even if so, even if the economy is bad, even if things are shut down, even if like, There's not enough money or something like that. You need to figure out a way to keep going and figure it out.

[00:15:08] You know, even if, so, that's what I challenge people on. This is like, stop using that excuse of what if and like, thinking that things are going to go back to normal and perfect. It's not. So you got to just adapt and you got to like figure out, like, even if this is going on, I still need to make money. I still need to like, figure out how to do what I need to do for my business or reach my goals or my dreams. Right. 

[00:15:26] Vit Muller: [00:15:26] I love it. That is a great way to reframe it, even if it, and it doesn't have to just be turning to, you know, online when it comes to fitness. If you have a fitness business to turn it into online, to run a fitness online there's so many other things you can do when it comes to creating additional revenue right. There's trading. I mean, right now, I mean, I've been trading on a plus 500, you know, Bitcoin's been going crazy. Those. There's always these opportunities. You just gotta go to uncle Google and you know, find stuff, learn. But yeah, definitely say the trading. That's been a, it's been quite amazing for me anyway, for the last couple of months.

[00:16:00] I'm not sure you guys have been playing around with trading.

[00:16:02]Eric Martinez: [00:16:02] Yeah, not trading. I've been dabbled into some stocks, but not the trading aspect, but I'm still learning on that and just it's time consuming, you know? And you know, for me, I just need more education on it. 

[00:16:12] Vit Muller: [00:16:12] Yeah, it is, you know and I'm still a newbie.

[00:16:14] I've only started a couple of months ago, but it looks so far. It's been working out for me. Typically I would say I'm about 80% success, so let's say eight out of 10 trades. I, I, I make a profit to, 2 of those trades in a loss. But you know, it's a, it's a. It's a learning game, as long as you, you you're trying to make a calculated decision before you open a trade for me, it's I use the platform plus 500.

[00:16:38] So that one is with leverage. So you have to be careful because what it means is, you know, say if you put a a hundred dollars and it's 1:100 leverage, then it's as if you put, you know, a hundred times more. Of that. But then also if it's, if it's not going your way, then you can also lose a lot of money.

[00:16:54]But look, it's been, it's been pretty good. This is not to give any anyone advice to go and jump in and start going into a Bitcoin. I'm just saying that it is out there. Yeah. And I can, I can perhaps put some links in the show notes for on this, on this aspect, but trading aside, let's go back to to you guys.


We talk about Online training, fitness on demand and other emerging trends [00:17:10] So talking about the fitness business what has been the biggest challenge that you found while you were. Launching go online fitness programs for individuals, not the business side. 

[00:17:25]Chris Martinez: [00:17:25] I I'd say the biggest thing was just at that time it was like 20, 2011. So the concept was so new, you know, so people were still just very like, you know, like, Oh, I wanted to go to the gym.

[00:17:36] I love the gym. I love my personal trainer. I love my classes. That's just what everybody knew. Nobody knew about online training. So I think that was the hardest thing was just like selling like the actual concept of it. And like just giving it a try, you know, just trusting the process is something, we would say a lot to like our clients, because they didn't know, they didn't know how, like the check-in would work.

[00:17:55] They didn't know how they would receive the program. You know, they didn't know anything about it. So I think that was probably the hardest part. So it's like, how did we, how could we sit there and demo. How online training works there, like social media or, you know, videos and stuff like that. So that was something that was kind of a light bulb moment for us.

[00:18:13] Was I taking them behind the scenes of like, what a accountability check-in looked like, what is the, what is the training spreadsheet looks like? What is the nutrition program look like? How do we put it together? How do we update a client and communicate with them? You know? So that's what I would say was the most challenging part was just getting people to buy into like the whole concept of online training.

[00:18:30] Yeah. I think 

[00:18:30] Eric Martinez: [00:18:30] just for us too, it was just being, you know, continuous students and really figuring out okay. As we go to, I mean, nothing will ever be perfect, you know, but that's why it's like, you gotta get your feet wet with it, just test it out and just like, you know, make small tweaks and improve like your, your business model or, you know, your services, your deliverable system processes, all that stuff.

[00:18:48] So for us, it was just like, you know, how do we, how do we continue to sharpen our tools and become better coaches master that craft? And obviously, you know, it took a while, you know, just like when anything, I always tell people that every master was once a disaster and, you know, Everyone's sucked before they got better.

[00:19:04] So for us, it was just like, okay, how do we keep improving as coaches and really delivering a massive customer experience to wow. These clients and just have them refer, stay all that stuff. 

[00:19:15] Vit Muller: [00:19:15] Mm. And the big one is consistency. Stick to one thing, really focused on that. One thing, if it's, if it's this, if it's, you know, venturing into online coaching, First time, just stick with it, keep on learning, but stay, stay on track.

[00:19:30] Stay, keep that focus towards learning that craft because there's a lot that goes around it. A lot of things that you got to do, right. To make it work. Although it is much easier than it was 10 years ago as some really great platforms, I think Trainerize is one pretty good. Yeah. There's many other ones, actually, so many other ones.

[00:19:47]So yeah, it's it's definitely an interesting model. It's definitely, I agree with you guys. It's going to be even more mainstream and more popular. I mean, You know, when was it in October, 2020 apple just announced they are releasing their own fitness thing, right?

[00:20:05] The fitness plus. What does that tell you? Right. One of the biggest companies in the world going into this, it just tells you and these guys have a lot of money behind them. So they must definitely see the trends. 

[00:20:14] Eric Martinez: [00:20:14] Yeah. I mean, video on demand is going to be huge. I mean, you already see it through like Netflix, just other platforms, but it's here to stay, you know?

[00:20:21] And that's because so many people through this pandemic, I've just realized like, well, I can have so much at my fingertips and convenience. Right? It's all about convenience to where they don't really need to go to a gym anymore. You know, they they've, they've understood and bought into like, I can buy equipment, I can go research, you know how to do exercises and still, you know, maximize my health.

[00:20:41] So. Everyone that's doing like on demand stuff. I video, like they're going to be doing very well going forward. 

[00:20:48] Vit Muller: [00:20:48] Yeah. Especially if it's combined well with some actual, like a real person feedback when somebody actually check your form. Right. Depends when you start, if you're a complete beginner, that's something you definitely want to invest in initially on a trainer.

[00:21:01]Have you guys seen that mirror thing? 

[00:21:03] Chris Martinez: [00:21:03] Ah, I saw that. 

[00:21:04] Eric Martinez: [00:21:04] Yeah. I always, I've always wanted to see one in person and just see how it is, but I don't know. I could see the commercials. I'm like, I just kind of roll my eyes, 

[00:21:13] Chris Martinez: [00:21:13] man. Like you got to have some real self motivation to get pumped up for that, you know, like it's hard enough working out at home, like me personally.

[00:21:19] And I was like, shoot a mirror, like, I don't know. 

[00:21:23] Vit Muller: [00:21:23] For you guys listening just so we explain what we're talking about here and not just talking about a actual mirror. It is a product that basically, I can't remember the name, but it's on the market and it looks like a one, just one big slab of glass mirror. This metal frame looks kind of nice, a good design.

[00:21:39] And basically it's got a lot of camera, so you turn it on and the camera, I think it's like the thing that. X-Box three 60 has, I can actually see your body, how you move. And so it's also a display, not just a mirror and it kind of shows you the on the display. It shows you the exercise that you meant to do, but it's also tracking your movements and it sort of gives you some kind of feedback.

[00:21:59]So yeah, it's an interesting stuff. Anyway. I mean, where it's everything going of, you know, AI and machine learning and all the tech stuff of, I think we're going to see some. Banana. I think banana thing, you know, in a couple of, not even really a couple of years, I think next year, we just going to see a lot of craziness.

[00:22:19] It's crazy. Robotics is another one. Right? Robotics has become a huge thing. I mean, you've got the Boston dynamics that finally, after so many years they just released their the what's that name? That the yellow, that yellow, a little robot it's now it's not commercially available. You can buy it. You know what I'm talking about?

[00:22:35] I haven't 

[00:22:35] Eric Martinez: [00:22:35] heard of it. I haven't heard of that. 

[00:22:36] Vit Muller: [00:22:36] No. So Boston dynamics is one of the American companies they've been making these robots, but they if you've got one, I think called dot so it looks like a dog it's got it's got four legs and it moves like a dog and moves like an animal that can run.

[00:22:49] They've got another robot when I was just like a humanoid on two legs, It can do a back flip. It can run, it can jump over boxes. It's just check it out on YouTube. It's incredible. The movement it's, it's it's fast. There's nothing slow. Like we would see like years back. It's it's really fast. 

[00:23:06] Eric Martinez: [00:23:06] Yeah. So should I buy some stock in that or what.

[00:23:09] Vit Muller: [00:23:09] I don't know if there, I don't know. I don't know if they're public they're public or not, but but yeah, check them out, check them out on YouTube. I've been following them for a while and I know that they've just now opened it up as they originally got an online shop and you can buy this robot.

[00:23:24]I think it's a quarter million dollars to buy one, but you can buy these additional, you know Add-ons on top and it's for manufacturing, for factories where the robot can go and check for safety. And I mean, there's so many different use cases of that. But it's, it's an interesting stuff. I think they even make stuff for a military and stuff, but anyway as a train, I think I just kind of get excited about, you know, Future, and what's going to happen in the future and, and, you know, definitely thinking like, you know, AI and her is going to be like another 

[00:23:54] Eric Martinez: [00:23:54] it's like anything else it's either you adapt to it or you get left behind.

[00:23:57] Vit Muller: [00:23:57] Yeah. What was it that you said back in, back in Eric. Sorry. No, that was Chris.

[00:24:07] That's right. That's right. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Right. Yeah. I love it. I love it now. So 

How does Chris & Eric help fitness professinals around the world to start their online fitness business [00:24:14] let's talk about, a bit more about the the fitness coaching business. So you guys help trainers, you guys help fitness professional as a result of yourself running your own fitness coaching business. Over the years, you've learned you've crafted, you've mastered the craft.

[00:24:30]You're now helping them out with being able to do the same. 

[00:24:34] Chris Martinez: [00:24:34] Yeah, absolutely. And it's also too, just like, you know, just one of our mottos here at dynamic fit pros is become a fitness marketer first and a coach second, you know, and a lot of people don't like to hear that, but it's the reality of going online.

[00:24:47] Right. And I always tell people if you. If you don't understand the game of social media, either that you're going to be left behind too. And you're going to get crushed by somebody that's a trainer. It's not as good as you, right. Per se, but they're very good at marketing or they're very good at positioning themselves with the ex as an expert.

[00:25:01] So I always like giving this example of like trainer A & trainer B , trainer A can have maybe. I don't know, 5,000 or 5,000 followers, and they have all these credentials and they're the smartest person in the world, but they don't know how to market themselves. They don't know how to put good content out there and speak.

[00:25:15] People's like languages and pain points. If the other person a trainer B has like maybe 20,000 followers and he doesn't have all these eight PhDs and accolades, but he's very good at just like social media, content, marketing, sales, positioning himself, you know, getting content out there. I guarantee nine out of 10 times, we're going to pick that other trainer and it's because it's not right or wrong.

[00:25:35] It's just human psychology, human nature. That they're going to go to somebody that has a bigger perception of being an authority and knows how to position themselves and get themselves out by marketing wise. That's what we tell our fitpros like, You got to get good at marketing, you have to get good at marketing.

[00:25:49] You have to be good at selling as well. And you can't use it as an excuse so that you're scared of selling and it's it's, it's a sleazy. No, no, no. Selling is serving at its highest level. That's how you have to look at it. You're serving people, you know? So that's one of the biggest things we teach in our program and yeah, that's, that's what we do is we teach them how to create more income, impact, influence, and independence.

[00:26:06] There were like a hybrid training model. We don't tell them you have to go completely online. That's their decision. If they want to do like the hybrid training model or if they want to go completely remote, we help them out with both. 

[00:26:17] Vit Muller: [00:26:17] A big thing you need to clarify, I guess, is too that social proof is so important.

[00:26:21] And while you might focus on marketing first to get yourself out there, get yourself noticed, which is great at the end of the day, you need to be able to deliver as well. Right. So if you can't think if you're listening, if you're somebody listening to that, you're just finishing your. You know, your fitness course, you got zero experience and perhaps you don't really, you really got a lot of work to do to be able to be able to deliver for your clients.

[00:26:45] And you might think, okay, well, if I just do marketing, I'm going to be doing really well. Well, probably not, because what happens is while you might be able to do to get a lot of clients through focusing on marketing If you don't deliver over time you're not going to get those testimonials that you need and word of mouth it's.

[00:27:04] It's still relevant. Word of mouth is still one of the number one thing. Yeah. Still it's right. They still say it's number one thing. Right? 

[00:27:12] Eric Martinez: [00:27:12] I think so 

[00:27:12] Vit Muller: [00:27:12] So 

Importance of social proof and asking for testimonials [00:27:13] you got to be able to have that social proof where people actually start vouching for you, where people who go onto your program start sharing these testimonials.

[00:27:21] Just the opposite is one bad review, one really bad review. It's it can diminish 100 great reviews. Right? So, 

[00:27:29] Chris Martinez: [00:27:29] Absolutely. Exactly. And that's the thing is like, fitpros, I they'll they'll get people results too, but they won't know how to ask their client how to do like, you know, do a testimonial. They won't know how to showcase it on social media.

[00:27:40] They just think if they get them results that the clients is going to share it. And the client's not going to just go out of the way to share it. You got to make things as easy as possible by providing them like these questions that they need that you want answered. Do you need to provide a simple, like link or something for them to share it?

[00:27:54] You know what I mean? And it's just like, they're not fit for it. Pros aren't taught this type of stuff, like in these organizations, that's the sad part about it and why we're so against sometimes these organizations, because they just, they just want to teach you the next, like, way to like, feel like you're more competent at like counting reps or sets or getting somebody in shape.

[00:28:10] But at the end of the day, if you can't market or sell that, I mean, it doesn't matter how good of a trainer you are. 

[00:28:15] Vit Muller: [00:28:15] Absolutely. That testimonial thing, that strategy of being able to obtain testimony as regular basis, it's so important. And it doesn't mean it doesn't mean that, you know, you know, getting them it doesn't mean that your clients don't enjoy the service at the end of the day, they've come to you to, to get X and you deliver it.

[00:28:34] It's an exchange, right? They pay you deliver it, they get results. They might be really enjoying it. They might be getting results. There might be enjoying what you offer. But you know, them thinking about giving you a testimonial might really not be on their mind. It's just something that, you know, maybe just, just really busy.

[00:28:52] So what I found, what I found anyway early on is You try and clients say you might have, you know, as a personal trainer in the gym, you might have 20 clients and you might have that one or two that like really, really love you. And they do things themselves. They surprise you? They keep sending you these emails, these feedback, these five star, and I'll keep, keep pushing you out everywhere and spreading the word.

[00:29:14] And then you've got the rest of them. That you'll have to do a little bit of work you have to ask. 

[00:29:19] Chris Martinez: [00:29:19] Absolutely. 

[00:29:20] Vit Muller: [00:29:20] And they will do it. They will do it, and they will be very happy to do it, but you have to go a little bit extra. You have to oftentimes even bring it on a silver platter and say, here here's a link.

[00:29:29]Can you give me a testimonial? Can you make a quick video to share what you, the experience has been for you training with me? And, you know, but it is, it is like that, isn't it. 

[00:29:40] Eric Martinez: [00:29:40] And the key word that you said you know, ask, you know, just ask people, and this is something we teach too, and this can go in any industry, whatever, you know, a business you're in is just ask for more referrals.

[00:29:51] You know, if you're, if you're helping people, if you're serving them, it's like you have a right to ask them, you know, like, Hey, do you know anybody that, you know, Ellis could take advantage of this business on providing, get these great results that you're getting? You know, I would love to serve them. I would love to keep, you know, helping more people and all you gotta do is ask and you can even provide them with like a basic, like, script on what to say, how to ask.

[00:30:12] Like even asked indirectly. Right? So it's just. Fit pros are. Lot of fit pros are not conditioned to do that. And again, they're not taught to do that as well, too. Mm. 

[00:30:22] Vit Muller: [00:30:22] And you can also have a thing about how you framing that question, right?

[00:30:24]Eric Martinez: [00:30:24] Yeah, absolutely. 

[00:30:26] Vit Muller: [00:30:26] Question might be, Hey, can you give me a testimonial because I want to attract more clients.

[00:30:30] Well, that's kind of like you just thinking for yourself instead, if you say. Hey, could you please share what the experience has been like for you? Because by doing so you'd help me inspire more peoples to take more people to take on an active, healthy life. Yep. Exactly more powerful. Isn't it? 

[00:30:48] Eric Martinez: [00:30:48] Yeah. Small little words and tweaks like that. Just powerful. Hmm. 

[00:30:54] Vit Muller: [00:30:54] Chris, you're kind of sitting there. Ready? What are you going to say? 

[00:30:57] Chris Martinez: [00:30:57] Nothing. I'm just like, I'm just, I'm just soaking it all in. I agree. A hundred percent. 

[00:31:01] Eric Martinez: [00:31:01] He gets really fired up. When we talk about like certification, like the organizations with like fitness professionals. 

[00:31:09] Chris Martinez: [00:31:09] I just, I just know how it is.


Some real truth for new fitpros to be [00:31:10] I used to be a FitPro, you know, and it's like, if I didn't sit there and put myself in a position to invest in myself, You know, then I wouldn't learn these skills and that's the that's, that's just the sad truth. And these fitpros need to wake up and realize that they need to acquire these skills and have an open mind.

[00:31:25] And then secondly, they need to work on their false limiting beliefs of like scarcity money mindset. I, they think that. You're just going to go out and get a bunch of free stuff and get the most highest quality stuff like that. It doesn't work like that, like that you have to pay to pay attention and you have to pay even more to pay more attention.

[00:31:43] You know what I mean? 

[00:31:43] Eric Martinez: [00:31:43] In real quick, I mean tell, tell it, like, I want the listeners to hear this about earlier. Chris was on a call with like a potential, you know, a student that wanted to sign up for our program. And what was it that she said about like finishing up her certifications and needing more.

[00:31:56] Chris Martinez: [00:31:56] Yeah. So like their, their mindset is like getting the next certification first and then feeling like they can be competent enough or ready to start a business. And I told her, you shouldn't do that. Like you should already be working on your business, getting your word out there, working on your social media, getting client testimonials, getting referrals, and then you can start filling in those gaps with the certifications.

[00:32:16] If you want to do that. You know, 

[00:32:18] Eric Martinez: [00:32:18] and what that really is, is it's a false belief, right? So where they keep thinking, they need more and more certifications to have the validation. And again, feel like they have this, like this, this badge to where they can go take action and go serve people. But it's just a false living belief.

[00:32:34] Yeah. 

[00:32:35] Chris Martinez: [00:32:35] This is applicable to any, any industry, right? Because I've heard so many other people, like, no, I need a website or I need a logo first or something like that and say, no, you don't need that. You need to get out there. You know?

[00:32:45]Vit Muller: [00:32:45] It's also a confidence thing. Isn't it ?

[00:32:47] Chris Martinez: [00:32:47] Oh absolutely huge, huge. 

[00:32:49] Vit Muller: [00:32:49] Like you said, you want to validate yourself, you think like, I just need to do more courses.

[00:32:53] I need to do more courses. It's the imposter syndrome. You think? Like people going up and talking about you and, and whatnot you know, at the end of the day, you're just going to jump in the pool. Get uncomfortable because that's when the magic happens when you get uncomfortable. Yeah. It's the only way you got to get outside of that comfort zone and magic happens.

[00:33:12] A lot of great things happens. 

[00:33:14] Eric Martinez: [00:33:14] Yeah. Yeah. And it's like the way I tried telling people too. It's just like, if you, if you buy into playing the infinite game as an entrepreneur, not the not the finite game that it's like, you're going to enjoy that journey more. And just even like, when you do fail, it's like, those are your entrepreneurial scars.

[00:33:30] And lessons that you get to keep, you get to keep hearing your inner world. And it's a beautiful thing, because those are stories you get to go share with people and just, you know, help help other people from making those mistakes. And just, you're always like moving on with that. And like, man, like I overcame that, like I, you know, I lost this amount of money, this business failed, but I still got up and I kept going. So it's, it's a beautiful journey, you know, but more people just want instant, instant, instant.

[00:33:55]Chris Martinez: [00:33:55] Yeah. And just one more thing I'll add to this too, is like people like, think that like that are watching them or kind of criticizing them.

[00:34:00] Think that the only way they'll like sit there and commend them as if like they reach a milestone or like a, make a certain amount of money. And it's like, no, like people respect the hustle and the grind they're seeing too. You know, they're seeing you put yourself out there, they're seeing you get uncomfortable, making a video.

[00:34:14] You know, they're seeing you put a product out there and that's, that's, you know, respecting the hustle and the grind of trying to create something and do something you truly love to do and make the world a better place. So don't forget that you don't always have to hit these milestones and make all these millions of dollars or people look at you and be like, damn, that person, like I want I'm, I'm inspired by them.

[00:34:31] No, they, they re they respect the hustle and the grind too, that you're putting in every single day, whether you fail or you have success. 

[00:34:37] Vit Muller: [00:34:37] I a hundred percent agree at the end of the day, you can make a lot of money but what is gonna, you know, money can make you happy. Obviously you can buy nice things and have a better quality of life.

[00:34:49]But. Fulfillment doesn't come from just that right. Fulfillment also comes from the results that you can deliver to somebody, making somebody else's life better, improving somebody else's lifestyle and hearing that feedback from that person. When they say, you know, when I started with you, 12 months ago, I was.

[00:35:08] You know, I was going to bring of diabetes or was diabetic. And I was, I had all these health issues. You've helped me overcome all that and look at where I'm now. Thank you so much. You know that oftentimes that means to me even more than what they've actually paid. 

[00:35:23] Chris Martinez: [00:35:23] Absolutely. Yeah. I kid you no Vit we've been in like these high-level masterminds man, like Ty Lopez, like this other guy, Cole Hatter.

[00:35:30] These are like $25,000 masterminds. And like you see these people where they have successful business, they're making millions of dollars, but are they really happy in here? Some of them are like literally out of shape. They look like they have like seventh graders bodies and stuff like that. So you can't tell me that those billions of dollars are going to sit there and give you muscles overnight or bring those confidences up, you know, and all that type of stuff.

[00:35:50] So it's a balance. It's a balance. Life's a balance business is a balance, you know? So you got to work on it all. That's why we're so big on health, wealth, love, and happiness, you know, to live your lifestyle. 

[00:35:59] Eric Martinez: [00:35:59] And that's why, like you see a lot of people, they're just, you know, they have a big bank account, but they're, they're bankrupt inside.

[00:36:04] Vit Muller: [00:36:04] Yeah, that burned candle. They sitting in their mansion alone it's really sad. I would say I'd rather be homeless, be happy, then be a millionaire in an empty house and be really sad. Nobody to share that experience with. Um, All right. Kind of lost my train of thought just now.

[00:36:25] So hang on  

[00:36:27] Eric Martinez: [00:36:27] that coffee hasn't kicked in. 

[00:36:29] Vit Muller: [00:36:29] I don't think it has. I don't think it has 

[00:36:32] Need 

[00:36:32] Eric Martinez: [00:36:32] stronger stuff. 

[00:36:33] Vit Muller: [00:36:33] Yeah. As an excuse, you know, I mean, I've become a father for those guys listening. I've become a dad two weeks ago, so it's an exciting, exciting time of my life. But by the little one yeah, little one didn't sleep.

[00:36:45] We were, we were tricked, we were tricked, you know, he was born and you know, little kids, they have a little bit of a jaundice, you know, for the first couple of days. It's basically the blood is clearing up and I think it's, the kidneys is still hasn't started properly, you know, kicking in and things like that, you know, he's just being born.

[00:37:01] Right. So first couple of days they have Jaundice and. he was sleeping more and even, you know, into, into these like 10 days after he was sleeping more and during the night, like four hours, five hours blocks, and we're like, Oh wow. Everybody's been telling us how we've going to be smashed and never going to get any sleep.

[00:37:20] And instead it's just been, it's been perfect, but not okay. Yeah. We've been tricked. We've been tricked. It was just it was just a. You know, the, the effect of just the jaundice, you know dissipating and, and now yesterday. Yeah, it was like terrible my sleep. So but you know, that's a, trade-off, that's a trade off.

Steps you need to take if you want to launch your own online fitness business [00:37:42]

[00:37:42] So for somebody listening back to fitness pros if somebody is looking to venture into an online training, What would be the first step? For them to start with. 

[00:37:55] Chris Martinez: [00:37:55] Yeah. I mean, I like this this acronym that we learned too from like one of our mentors and it's called ammo AMO. So if they need to figure out their audience, I mean, with, with online coaching, you're not stuck to a three to five mile radius.

[00:38:06] So when you're in person, it's like, yeah, I understand you kind of get what you can take, you know? With online. That's not the story. You pick the audience you want to work with. So figure out who your audience is. Who's, who's the niche that you really want to dial down from there. The M is your messaging, so your messaging has to match that audience and that's where people mess up.

[00:38:23] Like, they'll want to sit there and. Speak to moms, dads all types of people in their marketing and like their copywriting and their social media posts. But you can't do that. You gotta, you gotta speak to your, your niches, their pain points, their wants their fears, their desires, and really have them be like, wow, this person is speaking to me.

[00:38:39] I really want to learn more and how they can help me solve my problems. So get your messaging dialed in and then have an offer. I have a unique offer. You can't just be another coach where you're just like, Oh man, I help you. Like with an eight week program of like lose fat in you know, build muscle mass.

[00:38:52] It's gotta be way better than that. It's got, have like a deadline to it. It's got to have a major outcome to it. It's gotta be something unique tied into like what that audience to that message 

[00:39:00] Eric Martinez: [00:39:00] match. Yeah. A hundred percent agree with him, but I'll go another direction just because I see a lot of this and it's really identifying, you know, what are your self limiting beliefs as a person, right?

[00:39:11] So is it the fear of getting started? Is it the fear of failing? Is it imposter syndrome? Is it comparison syndrome or is it, you know, the scarce money mindset? I mean, everybody has them, but some people have, you know, worse ones. And again, like if, if you don't identify that and take care of that, that's going to cause paralysis.

[00:39:28] Like you're not going to take action and move the needle forward in your business. So the sooner you can sit there and come to peace and surrender to that and really realize how do I peel back those layers and just overcome that. I mean, that's going to just help you blossom and be able to sit there and take action and just, you know, see, you know, the beauty of like being an entrepreneur.

[00:39:47] Vit Muller: [00:39:47] When you run a business, it's a it's oftentimes initially it's a solo thing, things yourself, and it's a bit of a lonely journey. Obviously you can surround yourself, you can surround yourself with other people that, you know, running a business and you should, as the saying goes, you're just, you're the average of the five people you surround yourself with, but by the end of the day, you're still, you know, you're still on your own.

[00:40:11]Doing it. So make sure that you look after yourself because you are the biggest asset and also the biggest liability. Right. And like you said, Eric if you have self doubt, if you have the imposter syndrome, all those psychological patterns let's call them they will be heavily influencing your business decisions and your business success as a result of that.

[00:40:33] You might not even realize it, oftentimes you might not have been realized how much, but it has a huge influence on the success of your business. 

[00:40:40] Eric Martinez: [00:40:40] Yeah. That's why I say, you know, that the sooner you can just every single day, 1%, you know, build up the EQ and just like, you know, your emotional resilience and just, I mean, that's the same thing is build up your, you know, your EQ and just, you know, develop more grit.

[00:40:54] Because again, that's only going to help you, you know, longterm. So just 1% better every single day and just see how that compounds throughout the days, the weeks, the months and years on end. And you'll be surprised at how well you develop and you're like, you're ready for anything that comes your way. 

[00:41:09] Vit Muller: [00:41:09] A hundred percent. And on the, on the topic of emotional intelligence, some of the great things you could do is in to improve that is back to what I said before, get yourself outside of that comfort zone. Yeah. That's when the magic happens. That's when the confidence grows. When you get out comfort zone. One of good examples for me has been starting martial arts, you know, starting brazilian Jiu Jitsu, starting little bit of Muay Thai , I just sort of went into a bit of an MMA at of my the local dojo's and it's just been a humbling experience.


Power of a good morning ritual, Tai Lopey's 33% rule and Vit's tip on boosting confidence through public speaking [00:41:39]Do you have any other suggestions for somebody listening and they're thinking, okay, what else could I do? I don't really want to get myself beaten up at the gym. But what can I do to improve that emotional intelligence so that I can thrive in my business? 

[00:41:52] Eric Martinez: [00:41:52] Yeah, I would say just again, to me, I'm huge on starting the day with the morning routine.

[00:41:56] And again, that that's going to program your mind to play offense, not defense. And again, too many of us are in reactive mode every single day that we wake up and it all starts by. This little beautiful phone that we have here, right. That literally controls us. And it shouldn't. So by having like a dedicated morning routine, whether it's 15 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour, whatever you want to do, just to just, you know, critically think, you know, and just like, again, serve the inner world so that you can go take care of the outer world.

[00:42:21] Because if you can't take care of yourself first, then how are you going to go serve people? You can't. You know, so you have to sit there and take care of your, your, your mindset, you know, your heart, everything, you know, because if not that it's like, you're always gonna just be just catering to other people.

[00:42:34] And just again, reactive mode.  

[00:42:36] Vit Muller: [00:42:36] Hundred percent. Yeah. Eric?

[00:42:40]Chris Martinez: [00:42:40] I would say too, like a there's this law of 33%, the Ty Lopez talks about it. So he basically says that, you know, 33% of your time, you want the people above you, like that are literally like millionaires or even more like playing at a higher level.

[00:42:51] Right. Then you want 33% of people that are like right at your level, right. That you're playing at in 33% of people that are maybe up and coming right. Surround yourself with like 33% of all, three of those levels, you know? And it can only, it can only make you better as a person and entrepreneur.

[00:43:06] Increase that IQ. So that's what I would say is really kind of identify your circle and then start kind of like plugging in that 33% of higher at your level. And then below, below your level.

[00:43:17] Vit Muller: [00:43:17] That's a good mix because that way you've got somebody that you can aspire to somebody who can give you that wisdom, because they're, they've been there, done that and there.

[00:43:24] Few levels up ahead, then you've got the people that are in the same low, which is great again, because you can catch up with them for coffee and be able to relate to that journey because you both going through that same journey at the moment, we're both in the same level. And then you've got those people below you who are, like I said, you're below you a couple of levels.

[00:43:42] They are aspiring. They're looking up to you and you can then lead them. You can give them some medication. And then it also helps you because when you put yourself in a, in, in the, in a position of a teacher or a coach you actually grow. So because actually that also helps you reconcile your own knowledge and your own experience by sharing it.

[00:44:02]As one thing that has helped me. Massively back in 2003, 2004 I was, you know, four years into the industry and I've been asked to start teaching at the international school here in Sydney for fitness. So fitness students came to get us as qualifier for set three, set, four become personal trainers.

[00:44:21] They were looking for more for more teachers to teach the practical aspect as well as the theory aspects. I've been asking up until that point. And again, Imposter syndrome. I was like, no way I'm going to be teaching in the class, you know, 30, 30 people. But I got over that. That was the, getting myself outside of that comfort zone at helped me greatly with public speaking and having more confidence, being able to speak in front of.

[00:44:43] People for period of hours. That was amazing. But the other thing I find is by sharing that knowledge, you know, obviously the college gave me the lessons that, you know, that the notes that I had to go through and the deliver to the students, but by doing so, and also preparing for that for those lessons day before, it just helped me reconcile my own knowledge, my own experience over those years and delivering it.

[00:45:05] Yeah. I grew as a result of it as well on a personal level, not just sharing and helping somebody else to learn but also grew on a personal level as well. So that's a good mix here. That's a good mix back to you. Eric. 

[00:45:16] Chris Martinez: [00:45:16] Yeah. I mean, that's what I would say.I mean, like 33%, I got all those levels and it's going to really help you out. So yeah. 

[00:45:23] Vit Muller: [00:45:23] And also I wanted to comment on the other thing that you said before talking about the niche, how it's so important to have a niche. Right. But don't just think about, and for you guys listening, there's two ways to approach it. Right? One have a thing of who you want to, who you want to target, have that niche.

[00:45:39] Cause that. That way, you're going to have much more impact and you're going to be able to have better. What's the word ROI on your marketing because you're, you know, safe it's as an example, you know, if your niche is to target, you know, 40 year old 40 to 50, you know, female going through menopause, living in this particular area of your town.

[00:46:01] Then, you know, that's quite specific. Then if you, if you're making that Facebook Ad you can actually put those things in there. And there's things like lookalike audiences based on your web traffic and all that, the point being. Your ad spend is going to have much more return because you'd be, you're going to be specific.

[00:46:21] But to add to that, it's also important. Don't just start to get the right target market. You also have to target your messaging, meaning if you're going to do that art, make sure it's not just generic words. Like you guys said, you have to talk to those people in their language. Yeah. And speaking to him yeah, a hundred percent.

[00:46:41] So if you're, if you're a male trainer looking to target this audience, because you're passionate about helping this group, perhaps. Grab a coffee with one of these people and help and get them to help you formulate that message because they are, they are the ones who are know exactly what they're going through.

[00:46:58] Chris Martinez: [00:46:58] That's a very good tip. That's one of the best ways it's just like getting feedback from like real people like that and just gathering data points. Yep. 


Chris & Eric share what they're not good at [00:47:05] Vit Muller: [00:47:05] Absolutely. Absolutely. Now we're all humans. No one is perfect. What are you? What are you guys? Not very good at. 

[00:47:13] Chris Martinez: [00:47:13] Ooh. I would say for me, just like, man, like shutting it off, you know, like I'm good at my morning routine.

[00:47:19] I'm up at six and I have all that dialed in, but for me it's just like, it's hard just shutting it off because I feel like I'm always against the clock. Like I don't have enough time and I don't know why, you know, I wish I didn't feel like that, but it's something I got to work on. You know, I just feel like there's not enough time in the day or just time runs out and you know, I have a hard time shutting it off.

[00:47:37] You know, like being present with my fiance, you know, so it's tough during the week, you know, I'm just like in work mode, I got so many things going through my mind and I struggle with that. I really do. 

[00:47:46] Vit Muller: [00:47:46] What do you think that is? Do you think there's like you've got expectation for yourself to, to achieve more.

[00:47:52] Chris Martinez: [00:47:52] Yeah, I think it's also, I think it's some past trauma I still need to deal with from like losing my father. So where it's just like, you know, he got taken away in a blink of an eye and he probably had things that he wanted to do, you know, that he didn't get to fulfill. So for me, I'm just like, I got to live everyday.

[00:48:07] Like it's my last, I got to put in a hundred percent, every single day and nothing less because I don't know when, like my time's up. I know, and I'm not going to sit there and waste time. I'm not going to bullshit. I'm not going to Dick around. I want to do what I need to do to be able to help people out, fulfill my dreams, you know?

[00:48:21] Mm, 

[00:48:23] Vit Muller: [00:48:23] absolutely. But are you happy? 

[00:48:25] Chris Martinez: [00:48:25] I'm happy. Yeah. I just feel like they, like, it's just ideal with man. Just like, you know, sometimes not being fulfilled with a lot of stuff, you know, and I got to work on that, you know, I got to figure it out what it is exactly. 

[00:48:35] Vit Muller: [00:48:35] I just have to ask because you know, some people they're just going through the day to day grind, just going through at a rapid fast pace, trying to get everything done.

[00:48:44] And then it comes to the end of it. They, and they feel like a, like a failure or feel like they're haven't accomplished anything in the day. It's so important to reconcille every day to just, you know, at the end they just have a thing. What are those things you've done? I mean, for me, it works really well.

[00:48:57] Just doing a little, you know, Checking off the list or every time I do some significant task or accomplish something in the day, write it down and then just look at it at the end of the day. And even though I have ambitions just like yourself, I definitely relate to that. Like feeling like there's not enough time in the day.

[00:49:11]Because we're ambitious. We want to, we want to see more success. But it's finding that balance where I know that I haven't maybe achieved everything, but I'm still happy. Right. 

[00:49:21] Eric Martinez: [00:49:21] Yeah, exactly. 

[00:49:22] Vit Muller: [00:49:22] So important. 

[00:49:23] Chris Martinez: [00:49:23] Yeah, he needs, he needs to have a couple of beers and just relax.

[00:49:26]Eric Martinez: [00:49:26] That's why I have them on Sundays. No work on Sundays, just fun. And having some beers and being present. 

[00:49:34] Vit Muller: [00:49:34] Absolutely what about you Chris? . 

[00:49:37] Chris Martinez: [00:49:37] I would say communication, you know? I just feel like, like, like he said, you know, just, I struggle with a lot of the things he says, but not to, not to certain levels, but I just feel like I could communicate better with just like my family, friends, you know, and just.

[00:49:54] The real, the real important relationships, you know? And sometimes I just, I just get so caught up on what I'm doing the day flies by. I'm like, damn, like I could have tooken at least five minutes, like 10 minutes out of my day to just like send a text, like hop on the phone, like with my mom, my older brother, you know, just have a conversation with him has other news business and, you know even just reach out to friends and yeah, just it's one of those things.

[00:50:17] fIt's just, it's tough and I'm a work in progress and I'm a very aware of it, you know? 

[00:50:22] Yeah, absolutely so important to have that balance, to stop for a moment and say, smell the roses. 

[00:50:28] Eric Martinez: [00:50:28] It's so true. 

[00:50:30] Vit Muller: [00:50:30] Growing a business at the end of the day, you know, growing a business yes. That will fulfill your ambitions and, and hopefully you will create some wealth and improve your lifestyle, but make sure that you have a time to enjoy all those, all those, all those The harvest of your hard work, basically time to go out and go for a walk.

[00:50:49] With friends and family and switch off so important to switch off from work, so important. 

[00:50:55] Chris Martinez: [00:50:55] Yeah. 

[00:50:55] Eric Martinez: [00:50:55] Couldn't agree. More.


Looking to start your own business? Here is some advice from Chris & Eric [00:51:00] Vit Muller: [00:51:00] Any other advice that you guys would give to somebody looking. To start a business it's as somebody that's always been employed working for somebody else, what would you recommend? What would you, what would your advice be? 

[00:51:14] Chris Martinez: [00:51:14] I would say hire a coach. Stop trying to do it yourself and stop trying to go through like all these free like resources and stuff like that, because you're just, you're wasting time.

[00:51:22] You really are like, you hire a coach because you're buying accountability. You're buying speed and. You're buying literally like the resources that they have, like the proximity. Right. So I wish I would have hired a mentor or coach, like faster, you know, with the business side of things. You know, and that's just, what I recommend is just like, you know, you have to hire somebody that's already been there and done it.

[00:51:41] And somebody you want to like emulate their lifestyle with and. You know, pay for their time, pay for their program and understand it's an investment, not an expense, and it's gonna pay off if you put the work in, you know what I mean? And it's going to get you there a lot faster than trying to go and do everything yourself or kind of going the free route.

[00:51:57] Vit Muller: [00:51:57] A hundred percent. I definitely agree. And you might, you might, somebody might be listening to this and they might be thinking, Oh, you know, I mean, that's, that's you know, someone's, someone's scores might be, you know, a couple of thousands or whatever, and they might look at that price and they might be like, Oh, but that's a lot of money.

[00:52:12] You know, I don't, I don't really feel like I wanna spend that much money. I'm rather than just learn it myself. Well, you might think that's a good option, but you actually going to spend a lot more time and effort. And if you put it in money, it's 10x of what you'd probably pay to that coach. And it's going to tell you 10x longer as an example, roughly to get that too. 

[00:52:36] So there's a reason why you should get a coach it's because that person has been there has done that and is willing to share the right way, give you the blueprint so that you can, you can take it and follow it. You probably aren't going to follow it exactly the same way.

[00:52:52] I mean, everybody's got their own way of their own circumstances. By at least you've got a manual, at least you've got something that you can work off. And, and it will speed up, speed up your progress for sure. 

[00:53:04] Eric Martinez: [00:53:04] Yeah, absolutely. 

[00:53:04] Chris Martinez: [00:53:04] That's why I love coaching because everybody needs coaches and accountability.

[00:53:07] Even some of the most richest or most successful people have coaches 

[00:53:10] Vit Muller: [00:53:10] 100% I definitely agree. 

Get Chris's & Eric's Dynamic Fit Pro Level 1 Program [00:53:13] Now on that note, we've been able to work out your program. What's the program name again? 

[00:53:19]Eric Martinez: [00:53:19] Yeah. So that's our Dynamic fitpros level one program, it's a really great program. It's a six week program and literally we've spent the last couple of years was just like perfecting that whole thing. So pretty much it's, you know, a whole life blueprint. And like I said, we're expediting this within six weeks to really have you understand how to build, you know, the nuts and bolts of a six figure business.

[00:53:41] Now, given we're not saying, Oh, if you go through this, you're going to get to six figures in six weeks. Now we're saying that everything you're building, it's the foundation. Frameworks. That's going to get you to there with a, you know, maybe it's three months, six months, maybe it's a year. So our biggest guarantee with that program is literally, you know, you get your first two to five, two to five clients online within six weeks and make your first two to $5,000 online as well too.

[00:54:06] Vit Muller: [00:54:06] That's great ROI. That's great. And so it was like a bit of a busy business in a box for somebody looking to go into online fitness coaching, online fitness to others. 

[00:54:18] Chris Martinez: [00:54:18] And it's not just a course where we'd say like, Hey, you just follow yourself. And then like, you know, figure it out. Like you're actually buying access to us.

[00:54:25] So we have weekly groups out calls every single week. And there's two calls you can attend in the morning or at night. And you're getting access to us to ask us questions about the program. If you're getting stuck, like in any of the modules or, you know, anything you want to ask us with, you know, as far as your business, like you have access to us because there's other people out there that have programs that are somewhat similar, but they're hiring coaches under them, you know?

[00:54:46] And that's not cool, you know, because some of these people are buying like you as the coach or the face of the business, and then you're passing them off to like other coaches. They, they don't even know who they are. I don't like that business model. So. You're getting us, you're getting our expertise, our 10 years of experience in the industry, you know, with those live calls.

[00:55:02] And I think that's what separates us from other people's. 

[00:55:05] Vit Muller: [00:55:05] Key lesson here is I guess while your business is growing as not just your business, as a, as a general thing, when your business is growing, you know, you've got different models. You can go one to one Oh one too many. If you have a, if you've got a great system and great way to deliver your product you can do a one to many, but at the end of the day, people, people don't do business with you know, with products, people do business with people. So if the whole time you've been growing a business, you've been the face of your business. People come to you don't change it. Don't suddenly think I'm doing one too many.

[00:55:34] Don't think that now suddenly putting somebody else's face behind that is a way to. Is, is a way, or don't think that that's like in the next level, like now you're making another progress, cause that can actually bite you back not often time. I mean, there's also a saying of, you know, if you're building your business to have better lifestyle, That's a different story as well.

[00:55:55]And you need to think about an exit strategy, whether it's to sell your business or systemize your business so well, then somebody else can run it. But I think that doesn't apply to everything. I think in this case, you know, if people come to you and you've always been in social media and you know, you've got your, you know, your personality there, then.

[00:56:13] Yeah. Like you said stay there, be there for the people be available at some way, shape or form. 

[00:56:19] Eric Martinez: [00:56:19] Yeah, a hundred percent agree. 

[00:56:21] Vit Muller: [00:56:21] So I'll make sure I'll put that link in the show notes for those of you fit pros, the podcast here from Australia and and wherever else 

[00:56:29] so the 'Dynamic Fit Pros level one program'. I'm going to put that in the show notes and there'll be just the link. So you guys can get to the webpage and get all the information there. There's a lot of social proof. There's lots of testimonials from other fit pros and what success they've been able to achieve as a result of going through the program.

[00:56:48]So I highly recommend it. 

[00:56:49] Eric Martinez: [00:56:49] Yeah. Thank you so much for providing that Vit. 

[00:56:52] Vit Muller: [00:56:52] No, you're welcome. 

[00:56:53] Now to finish off. I know we're FitPro so it should be given, but tell me what is your go-to routine to keep yourself active and healthy? 

[00:57:03] Eric Martinez: [00:57:03] Ah, I mean, I gotta get, I gotta get into the gym at least four to five times a week.

[00:57:08] So that's kinda been my bread and butter, but honestly, my outlook on training has changed quite a bit, even since the pandemic, just the lack of consistency with, you know, hitting the weights and all that stuff. And, you know, I don't want to get injured. So for right now it's just more about just longevity and just staying healthy, you know, and just maintaining as much as I can because I can't control if my gym's are going to be closed down.

[00:57:29] But, you know, thank God they're, they're still open here in Texas. You know, that's really it, you know, just like a, like a four to five day split that I do, like full body and then pretty good about like my awareness with like nutrition and stuff, but no, no set goals right now, you know, just kind of just winging it through the holidays.

[00:57:46] Chris Martinez: [00:57:46] Well, you want, my, my goal is always to get more muscle mass than him and be stronger than him. So, yeah, I don't know. We'll we'll see. I think 20, 21 will be a better year overall because of this year, that inconsistency with the gyms and just, you know, a proper program and property Tricia. But I, I just want to challenge myself to another level, like physically as well too, cause I really enjoy it, you know?

[00:58:06] So I'm looking to set some good goals in 2021 to really achieve. 

[00:58:11] Vit Muller: [00:58:11] Have you tried martial arts? 

[00:58:13] Chris Martinez: [00:58:13] No, I, I like boxing. So I've taken some boxing lessons from like some pretty premiere people out there in Los Angeles, some from pro boxers. And I love it, man. So I'm trying to incorporate that two or three times a week with weight training and it's difficult, but I love boxing.

[00:58:25] Love it. 

[00:58:26] Vit Muller: [00:58:26] It's got its own benefits. Right. You can really, really some frustrations kind of feel like, yeah, yeah, yeah. When you do that, it's to like your head just clears up. Like I know when I leave, like when I do the, especially the Mauy Thai session, the lessons, you know, punching and kicking and all that, I feel pretty banged up after that.

[00:58:45] Especially if we do a bit of sparing, but I'm, my head is just so clear. Yeah, it's amazing. So I highly recommend it. 

[00:58:53] Chris Martinez: [00:58:53] I got to try that. I got to try that. 


Free Book Offer - 'Rise of the Fit Pros' [00:58:56] Vit Muller: [00:58:56] No, guys, this has been amazing hour of hour of power, a power hour, bunch of great stuff. And I hope that you guys got a lot of value out of it as well.

[00:59:06] Also for those of you guys listening. Another great gift from Eric and Chris that I've been able to secure for you as you know I love, I love making this podcast and and the whole thing with this podcast is about inspiring success.

[00:59:21] And on every episode I have amazing guests and I often times trying to get a bit of a deal, something for you guys, listening to help you jumpstart that success and today, we've got a deal from Eric & Chris, and that is their book, which is called the 'Rise of the Fit Pros'. So in this case, pretty much relevant just to you guys in the fitness industry, but not just, you might be somebody that's not in the fitness industry looking to get into fitness industry.

[00:59:48] So that might be relevant to you too. So look, the book is called 'Rise of the Fit Pros' and I'm going to give you guys a free copy or not me, Eric & Chris are providing you guys a free copy. So there's going to be a link in the show notes. When you click on you just put your email down and I'll send you that a copy on behalf of Eric & Chris and also some details so you can get in touch with them.

[01:00:07]Did you guys want to add anything extra just to explain what the book is about a little bit. I mean, the name kind of says it all, but. 

[01:00:15] Eric Martinez: [01:00:15] Yeah, the, the book is it's it's, it's 'Rise of the Fit Pros', how to create more income, impact, influence, and independence. And literally even if you're not a fitness professional, like everything that we put into this book, when it comes to like personal branding, social media marketing, there's so many frameworks and concepts, concepts, and ideas that you can get out of it to where it's very applicable to a lot of different industries.

[01:00:34] So just check it out. We're giving out the audio version and the free digital version as well, too. So you have nothing to lose by just getting a copy. 

[01:00:41] Vit Muller: [01:00:41] Amazing. Thank you so much, guys. That's a very generous, I really appreciate you. I appreciate you. And I'll provide an oldest oldest value to the listeners of the show.

[01:00:50] Once again. Thank you for being on the show. And I look forward to hopefully catching the flip side in 2021, where we can follow up. Maybe do another episode, delve, a bit more specific into a fitness. Let's maybe do a fitness oriented episode specifically. But yeah, once again, it's been great having you on the show.

[01:01:05] Chris Martinez: [01:01:05] Yeah, thank you so much Vit. Appreciate it. Thanks so much for having us