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SI87: Dealing with stress when you bring down a bank ft. Nick Leeson
10th May 2020 • Top Traders Unplugged • Niels Kaastrup-Larsen
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We’re joined today by special guest Nick Leeson, who is famous for the collapse of Barings Bank, one the oldest banks in the world at the time, to discuss liquidity risk in the markets, dealing with stress in extraordinary situations, the benefits of asking yourself the difficult questions, problems when interpreting vast amounts of data, what Nick looks for when investing today, the importance of communicating your feelings, and lots more.

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Episode TimeStamps:

00:00 – Intro

01:43 – Macro recap from Niels

03:16 – Weekly review of performance

05:18 – Niels: What key decisions have shaped your life so far?

07:59 – Niels: Can you describe the period between 1992 & 1995?

12:44 – Niels: What do you remember about the supposed ‘complex’ products that your were trading?

16:19 – Moritz: What was it like trading in Indonesia?

20:06 – Moritz: How did you end up being sent abroad to run a business for a bank?

26:34 – Moritz: What type of products did you trade at the SIMEX?

29:32 – Niels: What are things you look for in a person or organisation you would want to invest with?

34:57 – Niels: You advise large businesses, so what are the discussions you are currently having with your clients?

49:39 – Moritz:What was your thinking & process while attempting to recover huge losses?

55:41 – Niels: Do you talk with your clients about a market’s liquidity risk?

58:53 – Niels: How has electronic trading made markets more liquid or less liquid?

01:02:16 – Niels: Do you see similarities between today’s scandals, and the behavious of past financial scandals?

01:05:49 – Moritz: How do you trade today, and what do you think is important is for good trading?

01:11:23 – Niels: Describe how you’ve dealt with stress throughout extraordinary situations?

01:17:01 – Niels: What are the key things you try to teach your kids, based on your experiences?

01:18:57 – Benchmark performance update

01:19:57 – Moritz: Tell us about Bull And Bear Cap?

01:21:51 – Moritz: Are you continually asked about your history with Barings Bank?