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Catholic Foundation Library - Michael Joseph Mouawad EPISODE 36, 11th January 2021
CFL 36: Our Lady of Guadalupe
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CFL 36: Our Lady of Guadalupe

Catholic Foundation Library #36

Many have heard of Our Lady of Guadalupe and many have seen the famous image imprinted on the tilma of St. Juan Diego, yet few truly understand the importance of this divine intervention in the life of the Church.

What was the life of people of the Americas before the Church reached the continent? What did they believe in and why did they refuse the Christian message with such a great determination that only a very small portion of the population had converted?

How can we then explain that in the span of 10 years following the apparition, over 8 million converted to the faith? What did they see in the tilma that was not made visible to them before?

This talk presents the story of Guadalupe against its historical backdrop and will help you better understand the great gift Our Lord gave us from the Cross when he told the Beloved Disciple: "behold your mother." It will also help you better appreciate the importance of the pilgrim site of Our Lady of Guadalupe.