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"I Can Go With The Flow" - Ask Me Anything Episode!
Episode 629th November 2022 • The MIC is LISTENING! Show • Syya Yasotornrat
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Sometimes you have to change things up to see if change is good.

Change can be a great thing, especially if it progresses a current situation or set of data facts for the overall good. And as such, we're doing an episode that hasn't been done and is long overdue - ASK ME ANYTHING!

We have all heard and seen how LinkedIn has evolved into the the business focused social media platform and we've probably felt some pressure to engage, either through comments, posting and the trendy - digital content creation.

Even the term - Digital Content is amorphous enough that it encompasses as much definition as the Cloud (Yes, nod to my techie friends).

So....what questions do you have? NONE are too basic or out there! In fact, the more bizarre the question, the more fun!

Here's something to #GnawOnThis to kickstart some convos:

* Who should be creating "content"

* Isn't putting yourself out there, more self indulging at its roots?

* Who cares to listen to me?

* Could I be destroying my brand or my company's brand (employee and owner alike)

* What is considered appropriate messagine these days?

This week's guests:

Avil Beckford at The Invisible Mentor

Andrew Deutsch with Fangled Group

Mike Ashabraner on LinkedIn: @redneck1

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