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089: "My politics are informed, first and foremost, by my identity as a Filipino American woman." Bonus Episode with Caitilin Damacion and Dr. Aileen Orlino Dinkjian
Episode 34Bonus Episode20th January 2021 • The Filipino American Woman Project • Jen Amos
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We’ve brought together some incredible individuals for a special episode of Filipino American women and politics! Together, these ladies share why it was so important for them to engage in this special conversation, their experience in understanding politics, their take on current events, and much more.

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Dr. Aileen Orlino Dinkjian: Wife of a small business owner, mom of two daughters, Professional Development Coach and Educator, and Public Servant. LinkedIn @aorlino / Instagram @thisisaod / Twitter @ThisIs_AOD / Facebook @aileen.orlino

Caitilin Damacion: Writer, Researcher & Nani's best friend. Website:

Nani Dominguez: Blogger, Pinay & Co-Host of TFAW Project. Instagram @notesbynani Website:

Jen Amos: Award-Winning Podcaster, Online Entrepreneur & Founder of TFAW Project. 


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