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What Diet Really Works
Episode 16326th October 2021 • Real Life Weight Loss • Corey Little
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If you feel like losing weight and getting healthy is so complicated because there’s so much stuff out there. And what should you do? Like - which diet is the best??

Should you detox?

Or do keto?

Or do intermittent fasting?

Or use some special supplement?

Or maybe Whole30?

Or eat for your blood type?

Or drink apple cider vinegar?

Or cut out gluten? Or eliminate dairy?

Or maybe just do a combination of all of that?!

If it all just feels complicated and overwhelming, then I highly recommend you listen to this episode and take some notes! 

It’s time to cut through all the crap and explain the TRUTH. See . . .

Whenever you’re constantly looking for the best new diet, it’s really a symptom of something deeper. You’ll see exactly what I mean, but WARNING - there’s some tough love truth in this episode.