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Supply Chain Now - Supply Chain Now 15th October 2020
"Escaping Tyranny, Founding Tech, Construction, & Conga Part 1- Jason Perez, CEO of YARDZ"
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"Escaping Tyranny, Founding Tech, Construction, & Conga Part 1- Jason Perez, CEO of YARDZ"

This episode of TECHquila Sunrise features Jason Perez. Jason comes from a pedigree of construction and entrepreneurship. His previous venture was an international project management and consulting firm that had great success in the mission-critical world. He’s been on several boards and has been a trusted advisor for a broad list of companies. Jason brings strong leadership, extensive industry experience, an obsessive work-ethic and a passion driven culture. And at the same time, he’s a focused, intentional father helping his wife create superkids of the future.

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