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Lifestyle of Ownership - As a Husband
Episode 6911th January 2022 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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We live in a world where everyone is a VICTIM, and NOBODY wants to take ownership of anything. Too many men blame their wives, their jobs, their kids, for their problems, and it’s everyone else’s fault except THEIRS. But the key to fixing your marriage is to OWN it. Own your sh*t inside it, take RESPONSIBILITY, and hold yourself ACCOUNTABLE.

Ownership is a lifestyle. It is something we LIVE and BREATHE, and it is part of our entire essence as empowered men. And to have a lifestyle of ownership, a man needs to THRIVE in all five dimensions of life. So to kick off the brand-new show format, Mark explores The Lifestyle of Ownership, starting with YOU as a HUSBAND. Find out why taking ownership of your life is CRUCIAL in becoming an empowered man and three practical things you should be doing RIGHT NOW if you want to have successful ownership of your marriage.

“We cannot be men who are thriving, or men who are empowered, if we lack accountability and responsibility.”

- Mark Santiago

In This Episode:

- Find out why a lifestyle of ownership helps you become a 5-dimensional man  

- When men come to Empowered Man for support, there is ONE THING that Mark thinks is the WORST, here’s what it is…

- Mark asks you some questions to get REAL with yourself and find out where you are NOT owning sh*t in your marriage or relationship

- Hear why you ALWAYS have the opportunity to be responsible and accountable for what you do

- Find out why being decisive is CRUCIAL in owning your marriage

- Learn exactly why accountability + responsibility = leadership and how to apply that in your own life

- Find out the ONE thing men need to do to become empowered in their marriages

- Most men don’t think of their marriage as something they OWN, here’s why that’s NOT true…

And much more…

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