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Coming Up in Season 5, and Introducing Pod Chat
Bonus Episode8th April 2022 • Podcaster Stories • Danny Brown
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As Season 5 of Podcaster Stories gets close, learn more about what's coming your way in just a few weeks.

Additionally, find out more about Pod Chat, Danny's new show that focuses on the tech, tools, and people driving the podcasting space forward.

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Learn more about Pod Chat

Learn about Danny's new show, Pod Chat, and hear about the latest tech news and cool innovations in the industry, as well as the people driving it forward.

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Hi and welcome to this bonus episode of Podcaster Stories. It's just really a quick update on season 5, as well as some details on a new podcast I launched that you might enjoy, along with getting help with any podcast questions you might have!


Season 5 will resume later this month, and kicks off with a great chat with Drew Toynbee, one of the co-founders of the awesome Sequel Pitch podcast. Sequel Pitch sees three friends pitch a sequel for movies that never got one, and the results can be... interesting.


Following that will be a chat with Sam Mitchell, founder of the non-profit Autism Rocks and Rolls. Sam uses his podcast and the organization to talk about and remove the negative stigma around autism, and why those that are on the spectrum are not broken. 


I'm looking forward to bringing you these episodes and more, so make sure you're following wherever you get podcasts, or to choose your app.


As a listener to this podcast, you already have an interest in the podcasting space, given the topic and guests. Which means you'll probably enjoy my new podcast, Pod Chat, that goes deeper into the industry side of things. This includes the cool tech that's coming out, as well as the people driving the industry forward. Here's the trailer for it.


You love podcasting. It doesn't matter if you're a listener or a podcaster yourself, when it comes to podcasting you're all in. Not only that, but you get excited hearing about all the cool things happening in the podcast space. Awesome - this podcast is the show for you. I'm your host, Danny Brown, and from the latest tech and cool innovations to the people driving the industry forward, this show has you covered. Listen in as I take you behind the scenes of what's new in broadcasting, what needs to be new, and who's going to make it happen. Released bi-weekly and available on all your favorite podcast apps, make Pod Chat your new favorite show when it comes to getting your podcasting fix.


My guests on Pod Chat so far include leaders like Evo Terra, James Cridland, and Arielle Nissenblatt. It's a bi-weekly show, so if this sounds like something you'd enjoy, head on over to to follow on your podcast app of choice.


As part of this new podcast, I've also started a fun, bonus episode feature called Pod Chat Plus. Here. you can ask me any questions you might have about podcasting, anything at all, and I'll answer them in the bonus episode.


Now this won't be part of the public podcast and the answer will be shared directly with you. You can find out more and send me your questions at


That's it for this bonus episode. I'm really looking forward to sharing Season 5 with you over the summer. It promises to be another great one with awesome guests and stories. Until then, take care and stay safe.