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Episode 236th January 2022 • Small Business Wakeup Call • Small Business Virtual Roundtables
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Your ”end game” is about growing your business and building value that provides a return on your investment of capital, time and energy, when you are ready to exit the business and realize that value.  That’s your exit plan… helping you to achieve that end game.

In this episode, our hosts, Lonnie Sciambi and Stan Simkins, also known, respectively, as “The Entrepreneur’s Yoda” and “The Family Biz Doc” will talk about how to best exit your business with the right partner, the right valuation and the right transaction.

They’ll take you through the selling process and how professional advisors play a role in helping you develop and execute on your exit plan, saving you time and money to say nothing of the effect on your quality of life during and after the transaction.

They’ll discuss how to create a profile for potential candidates, review them, and then find your perfect partner or partners to get the best proposal from them in the shortest time.

They’ll show you how the negotiation process is not unlike courtship and how you let the professionals drive this to conclusion with the right buyer.

We invite you to enjoy this session with your personal tour guides to business freedom, the dynamic duo of Stan Simkins and Lonnie Sciambi. And, as always, they’ll regale you with war stories, that both carry a solid message, lesson or may bring a chuckle or two.

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