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Ethereum Generative Art projects: Framergence + Pulsquares - The mysterious pseudonymous Arihz
Episode 82nd August 2021 • Floor is Rising • Floor is Rising Podcast
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15 min 57 second episode;

  • History of Framergence and how the genesis minting came about
  • The deflationary mechanics of both Framergence and Pulsquares and how it works
  • A stylistic comparison of the aesthetics of Framergence to early internet art and how the generative genre could develop similar to internet art
  • How onchain generative art compares with offchain generative art
  • How the valuation of generative art reminds of cutting edge avante garde art from the 60s by artists like Allan Kaprow
  • Kizu finds the constellations mechanic in Pulsquares disappointing visually
  • Discuss the recent price surge in both Framergence and Pulsquares and what that means for the generative art market going forward

Arihz's projects on Ethereum