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Episode 2714th July 2021 • I Totally Relate! • Rissy and Shelbs
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We are so excited to welcome back Chelsea to the podcast! She is returning after season 1 episode 12, if you haven’t heard it yet you’ll love this conversation.

In today’s episode we are discussing her guide book that walks you through transmuting your pain into healing with three steps. This book is written specifically for women.

Step 1- Choose

Step 2 - Let Go

Step 3 - Receive

She has found pieces of her life‘s work through the intersection of healing and working with women. She names a few of her painful life experiences that helped give her the grounds to learn these concepts, i.e. leaving home as an adolescent, divorce, and single motherhood.

Working through this painful process, spirituality is required. Chelsea explains the importance or the unimportance of specific language and words, and it’s more about the personal feeling. She addresses the social programming, especially in this valley. She encourages us to use our own internal discernment and use the reference words that work for you.

This conversation also touches on the importance of awareness. Trauma is a loaded and new buzzword. We spend some time discussing the definition and consequences of trauma and how to navigate through it once you’ve identified it. We also discuss how our bodies and our souls know how to heal us. She defines healing loops and highlights tools that help us move through that cycle.

The first part of this conversation is discussing the ways we find ourselves in a painful place. The last portion of this is digging into the three steps, the how-to‘s, and the then-what's. This tool is a guide, it’s a practice. Referring back to the steps and this guidebook is more practical than assuming once through the process we will be healed.

You can connect with Chelsea @sistersoulig. You can access her guidebook by getting in touch with her here.

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