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Episode 1216th July 2021 • What's My Story • Robert Kennedy III
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“Nothing will ruin your best employees faster than watching you tolerate a bad one.”

What's In Store For You

How does a Disney dancer go from dancing to becoming a dental specialist and relationship coach?

Dino Watt teaches private practice owners, how they can create cultures, brands, and raving fans by focusing first on the relationship with themselves. Second, designing a magnetic culture and providing a unique customer experience. They provide relationship-based strategies, and training for business management that creates peace for the owner, more productivity for the team, and more profit in the business.

Find out how to do that and more in today's episode.

  • [04:28] What is Dino's "why" and his strategy in his Instagram dance posts?
  • [05:42] How did Dino get started as a Disney dancer?
  • [07:10] What was Dino's career aspiration growing up?
  • [08:45] What the pivot which caused his dream to shift from being a dancer to another career?
  • [13:41] How did Dino's wife take his shift from being a performer on the acting stage vs. speaker stage?
  • [15:09] Dino shares how he found his niche as a speaker in the healthcare space helping build/repair relationships.
  • [17:53] What was the biggest obstacle that Dino experienced in growing his business?
  • [18:30] Dino shares with us his books that can help organizations improve how they work as well as their working relationships.
  • [19:55] Why is it important for a business owner to have strategies/concepts of firing people?
  • [22:01] What is the biggest reason that people fear the firing process?
  • [23:46] Dino shares his advice with people who have a dream yet are being detoured from achieving it.


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  6. Hire & Fire Like a Boss: Stop the "staff" infection and attract the perfect team by Dino Watt