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23: 12 TB for 3 Photos - Ways to Backup
Episode 238th November 2023 • Gadgets for Families • Mt. Nebo Consulting, LLC
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While maybe 12 TB is overkill for 3 photos, it is important to consider the best way to back up your photos and other important day. In this episode, we talk about easy, medium and complex ways to ensure you have backups of your photos (and most of your other key data). In the post show, we share a few more details on how we handle it today. Join us for the discussion.

Key Topics and TimeStamps

  • Welcome 00:00
  • Intro 00:50
  • Catchup and Story Time 06:16
  • This Week’s Tips 10:40
  • Cloud Backups 17:40
  • Simplish Local BackUps 29:43
  • More Complex Solutions 39:10
  • Wrap Up 01:00:39
  • Post Show 01:02:30

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