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How To Overcome And Manage Differences In Marriage
Episode 1017th November 2022 • Connect2 • Focus on the Family Singapore
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Communication is such a make-or-break skill in every relationship. It’s also a key skill in helping all of deal with differences. With conflict in marriages, how do you communicate your feelings without antagonising your partner?

Hear from Nelson and Gina who have been married for 13-and-a-half years and hear some great insights and tips on how they handle conflict in their marriage. 


Every day, couples experience crisis and suffering in their marriage from accumulated years of unresolved conflict and emotional disconnection.

“We grew apart and lacked intimacy. We could no longer have a conversation without arguments. I felt betrayed and really wanted to end the marriage. In seeking help, our counsellor was immensely professional and experienced, making us feel comfortable quickly. While men struggle to open up or even agree to counselling, she assessed my hubby and knew how to talk to him.

We are thankful we sought help! My hubby and I are now strong advocates for counselling. When we're sick, we visit a doctor for treatment. Likewise, if our marriage is ill, we seek treatment through counselling too.”

At Focus on the Family Singapore, we believe that every difficult relationship can turn the corner. Our rebranded Connect2 initiative features timely and relevant content to provide encouragement for married couples to nurture their relationship.

Will you join us to provide help and bring hope to broken marriages today?

Your partnership will enable us to restore marriages through our marital counselling, workshops and campaigns, and nurture thriving families for the next generation.

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