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Finding Help in the Land of (Intellectual) Giants
Episode 525th April 2020 • Raising Rare • Raising Rare
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"I was not scared. I was thrilled to be working on a problem this important."

Sanath is determined to find treatments for Baby Raghav’s rare disease and he knows he can not do it alone. He needs experts. Professionals who will not only be able to think about ideas, they can test them too. But he has a problem.

How is he going to attract the serious attention of these scientists? Sure, they want to help a family in need, but they need more to convince them to really commit. Sanath knows very little about the biology of SSMD and he is afraid of looking dumb. He is more afraid that the scientists will turn him down. 

He hatches a plan to draw them into his problem. Listen week how Sanath creates and uses a simple Roadmap to learn more, build his confidence, and overcome his fears.  

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Sound Design and Music: Jacob Tomkins

Graphics: Ramya Ramswamy