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Building a Career: An Interview with Joanna Penn
Episode 2004th June 2020 • WRITE NOW! Workshop Podcast: Write a Book, Change the World with Kitty Bucholtz • Kitty Bucholtz
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Today’s guest is the wonderful Joanna Penn, author, podcaster, speaker, and all-around lovely lady! When I asked myself who, in my wildest happy dreams, I would like to be a guest on my 200th episode, Joanna was my first thought. And lucky me, she said yes! :-D

I asked Joanna to start by taking us on a quick tour of her journey, how she started, how she learned about publishing, and how she earned and then surpassed the good salary she'd been earning in her day job.

Joanna urges listeners to consider the long-term game, and practice persistence. If you quit too soon, you might think you were failing only because you didn't realize the road was longer than you'd realized.

You also need to keep in mind that you don’t have to do everything, and you don't have to follow the path of those around you. Everyone will have a slightly different journey. You need to find what makes you happy and is sustainable. How do you want to live?

There is an abundance of information on The Creative Penn website, Most of it is free, so take a look. She offers a free copy of her Author 2.0 Blueprint, plus you can find all of the episodes of her podcast, The Creative Penn, and links to all of her books -- nonfiction for writers as well as her thrillers, dark fantasy, and the rest of her books. Joanna welcomes questions on Twitter, @TheCreativePenn.