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The Helper We Are Searching For and Need
Episode 125th January 2024 • Spirit Led Life • Angee Robertson
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#01: How would you feel if you confidently made decisions without second guessing yourself? Instead of turning to books, podcasts, friends you could find the exact truth you need?

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • God left us with a comforter, the Holy Spirit. We see this in John 14:16-17
  • Good mentors leave a permanent mark on your heart. They make an impact and inspire and encourage you.
  • One drawback to these mentors is, they are human. While they can inspire you and teach you, they can’t transfer to you the knowledge, habits, and character they’ve developed over the years. The best they can do is show you the path to develop those characteristics yourself.
  • A spirit led life is one who consults the Father before all things. In every area of their life. 
  • God wants to be a part of every aspect of our being. This is why he dwells within us.
  • You can have a deep, meaningful, intimate relationship with God.

Resources Mentioned in Episode:

The Beauty In Letting Go by Angee Wiser Robertson

Emily P. Freeman - The Next Right Thing Podcast


Heavenly Position System Challenge:

Journaling is a huge part of how I communicate with God. You may be an avid journaler or maybe you’ve considered it but never followed through. Either way, I want to challenge you to take out your journal and take at least 15 minutes in a quiet space if you can and write down all the things you believe about God. Be honest and open. Write the good and the bad. Now hang on to this and in the next episode your learn more of what we will do with this information.

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