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The Top 3 Culture Killers (And How to Deal with Them)
Episode 15317th July 2023 • Coaching the Mental Game of Softball • Mental Sweet Spot
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Culture can be complicated.

You have to get 12-20+ players on the same page, understanding what it takes to achieve the goals they want. As vital as any coach like you knows culture is... it can be difficult to maintain a positive one with so many culture killers out there.

But maintaining a strong, supportive culture is honestly THE most important thing we can do for our teams. Today we discuss the top 3 culture killers we've come across through the years, so you can get ahead of them this season!

And if you wish you had a better way to keep your culture on track, join the waitlist for Culture Bootcamp! Doors open NEXT Monday, July 24th.

Join the waitlist or tune in to the end of the episode to hear who our DI, National-Championship-winning, and even more amazing human special guest will be!

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Once you've identified the top culture killers that I KNOW you've experienced yourself, you might be wondering how you can prevent them!

Full disclaimer: you can't prevent culture killers from showing up, but there IS a way to identify them early and get back on track faster!

With your very own, customized and ACTIONABLE Dream Team Blueprint!

In the Softball Coaches' Culture Bootcamp, we'll walk you through creating your own blueprint so you can get your entire team (and the parents) to buy in to what you're doing, be more committed, care more, give better effort and have more fun while they're doing the things to make them their best!

We kick off August 7th and the GRAND finale will be with the one and only Lonni Alameda on August 14th! It's going to be a blast and could honestly skyrocket the trajectory of your impact on your girls!!



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