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Lawyering Up with Logan Hicks
Episode 528th January 2022 • Art World Horror Stories • Crewest Studio
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This is the fifth installment of the Art World Horror Stories, but it’s the first time we hear how this podcast moved from a segment of The Not Real Art show, into a podcast of its own! Tune in to find out who created the spooky theme music that sets the scene so well, as well as who should be contributing and listening to this series (all artists across all mediums!). Today’s guest is world-renowned artist Logan Hicks, who tells us of two ongoing horror stories, and how he is working through each of them. The first terrifying tale is a lesson in intellectual property, and why it’s better to have a lawyer before you need one! A steak mogul we all have heard of has been ducking and diving Logan for over two years all the while using Logan's art as part of the advertising for his empire. If that isn't enough to give you shivers, Logan's second horror story of his art being damaged by Studio16 and the subsequent gaslighting, cold-shouldering, and outright lying, should be! Logan has learned some valuable lessons from both of these awful experiences, and he shares these with you today. So, if you are looking for a thrill of horror interspersed with some sage advice on how to avoid experiencing an art world horror story first-hand, press 'Play' now!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Where the Art World Horror Stories theme music came from (a collaboration between Scoot and Dan Ubick).  
  • Who can compete in Art World Horror Stories: any form of art medium.
  • The first horror story from Logan Hicks: theft of intellectual property by a famous business owner.
  • The second horror story from Logan Hicks: damage to his art by Station16.
  • Understanding that mistakes happen, but that an apology should always come first. 
  • How Logan has enlisted the help of his fans to maintain a presence on Station16’s social media. 
  • The lessons learned, and what Logan could have done differently to avoid the horror of having his art destroyed. 
  • Why good business comes down to good communication, and how Station16 failed in this aspect. 
  • The importance of having a contract, or a paper trail (or recording calls!). 
  • Tips and tricks from Scott and Logan on how to protect yourself and your art. 
  • A shoutout to the good galleries Logan has worked with, and the red flags he has noticed in the bad galleries. 
  • Understanding your role as a business person when you start selling your art full-time. 
  • Logan’s experience of the floods happening in New York. 
  • The nitty-gritty of the first horror story Logan mentioned, and how the situation is progressing. 
  • Why you should find a good attorney before you need a good attorney!
  • The small things you need to cultivate to make your art into a business.
  • How making art is like raising a child. 
  • Why it’s important to copyright murals!
  • Remember that you’re part of a community, and we all want the best for our fellow artists. 

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