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Millie Edwards Roseland Gig Rowing Club & Suz Hext Paralympian
Episode 411th April 2020 • Roseland Podcast • Roseland Podcast
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Welcome to episode 4 of the Roseland Podcast 

I’m Chloe, your host, and this week on the podcast we’ve got :

  • An update on a shop we missed last episode!
  • Two interviews 
  • Millie Edwards, Chairman of Roseland Gig Club 
  • Suz Hext, Paralympian

If this is the first episode you’re listening to, please go back to episode 1 to find out what it’s all about.

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Updates for you

Last episode I was joined by my podcast partner in crime Lindsey Thomas for a run down of the services shops on the Roseland are offering to keep us all fed and watered.

We missed one really important shop last week - St Mawes Pharmacy. They are open as per usual for all your pharmacy requirements, that’s:

  • Mon and Tuesdays 9-6
  • Weds 9-1
  • Thurs and Fri 9-5
  • AND Saturday 10-3

This episode goes live on Easter Saturday - so I should also let you know they’ll be open with a pharmacist on duty on Easter Monday from 2pm to 5pm.

If you have an update you’d like us to share on the podcast - just drop an email to

Interview time!

Let’s face it you’re not listening in to hear me, or the pharmacy opening hours (as important as they are). You hit play to hear a little about what’s going on (or not going on!) on the peninsula at the moment, to hear the stories of some of the wonderful people who live here.

This week I’ve 2 brilliant guests for you, and there’s a bit of a water theme...

First up is Millie Edwards.

He’s here wearing the hat of Chairman of Roseland Gig Club, to tell us a bit about the history of the club, what the club is up to this season, and how (once we’re allowed out and about) you can get involved.


I have to say I’m rather tempted to head down to a novice session once they’re happening again.

You can find out everything that’s going on at the Roseland Gig Rowing Club by visiting their Facebook page

We’re sticking with the water theme, and checking in with the Roseland’s own paralympic star next…


Interesting to see how Suz is adapting to the challenges that lockdown is throwing at us all, and although most of us are facing much smaller challenges than getting a gold medal we can use the exact same methods to stay happy and focused and positive.

Lindsey and I are always on the hunt for more people to interview - so if you’d like to come on the show and talk about your group, your hobbies, your job, tips you’ve got for coping with lockdown - we’re interested.

The first step is to drop us an email to with your ideas and any questions you’ve got.

Everything is recorded in advance - so we can edit lots!

You don’t even have to be willing to come on the show - if you have a recipe for a great drink, or meal, or a great tip please just email it in and we can read it out for you.

I hope this will help us all feel a little less alone, and a little bit more aware of how our community is pulling together.

Next week we’ve got 2 great guests and a bit of a nature/weather theme… 

If you want to make sure you hear the rest of the shows then bookmark, and look for us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or your usual podcast app and subscribe. 

Be kind and stay safe.