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Why Accountants Need Communities: Bryan Williams
Episode 3023rd January 2023 • Accounting Influencers Podcast • Rob Brown (Accounting Influencers Roundtable - AIR)
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In today's episode 30, "Why Accountants Need Communities: Bryan Williams."

Bryan Williams, partnerships and community expert tells host Rob Brown why accountants should be building communities for greater business opportunities.

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Bryan Williams is the founder of Hockey Stick Advisory which helped tech businesses to grow and scale through building curated partnership ecosystems, so that they can reach their full potential, faster. Bryan’s role as founder is to help the next generation of aspiring tech companies build their partnership ecosystem muscle, established after Bryan led Xero's ecosystem team across AU/NZ for 5 years.

Check out Bryan's previous interview "How Commercial Partnerships Help Accounting Firms" on video or audio podcast

Key areas covered in this interview about accounting firms building communities:

✓ What's the story behind your building of Xero’s successful app community?

✓ How do you define a community?

✓ Community led growth, the perfect storm? Why now?

✓ What should a great community look like?

✓ What are the benefits of community growth ?

✓ Why are communities increasingly recognised as a strategic asset?

✓ How can you start a community? What should it look like?

✓ How can you measure community impact?

✓ What sort of rules should you have to moderate or control your community? How strict should you be?

✓ How can you activate your community?

✓ What are the key takeaways for accountants to get started in building their community?

Outside of work, he is very occupied chasing around his 3 kids under 4, (including twins) whilst refusing to give up on being a wkd warrior at various endurance events. He lives in Melbourne, Australia.



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