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From Pain to Purpose: Erin Bury on Building a Business with Intention
22nd April 2024 • The Startup CEO Show • Mark MacLeod
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In this episode of the Startup CEO Show, explore the power of long-term vision and work-life integration with our host Mark MacLeod and the inspiring Erin Bury, co-founder and CEO of the innovative estate planning platform, Willful.

Tune in as Erin sheds light on rejecting hustle culture, creating ease for families with online wills, and steering a startup alongside her spouse. Discover how Willful is simplifying end-of-life planning and Erin's unique approach to leading a consumer brand and fostering a startup that values both profitability and a balanced lifestyle.

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02:20 - 05:49: Rejecting "Hustle Porn" for Work-Life Balance

05:50 - 08:33: Willful's Origins and Market Disruption

08:34 - 12:05: Overcoming Investor Doubts

12:06 - 15:40: The Joys and Juggles of a Spouse-Run Startup

15:41 - 18:15: Erin's CEO Strategy: Hiring, Vision, and Financial Stability

18:16 - 22:10: Personal Time Management

22:11 - 26:00: The Willful Couple's Work-Life Blend

26:01 - 29:35: Startup Ecosystem as a Consumer Brand

29:36 - 33:08: The Canadian Startup Scene

33:09 - 36:45: Fostering a Sustainable Business

36:46 - 40:25: Young Parents and Elderly Individuals

40:26 - 43:10: Strategic Partnerships and Marketing in Estate Planning

43:11 - 46:55: Life, Legacy, and Running a Startup

46:56 - 50:26: The "Unicorn" Potential

50:27 - 55:00: Intentional Living and the Reality of Entrepreneurship


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