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Google Director & Author Alana Karen on ambition, balance, and changing gears
Episode 425th October 2020 • Life, Deconstructed • Nurit Ben
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Alana Karen started working at Google back when no one had ever heard of that strange word, way before it turned into the world-changing giant that it is. She's an award-winning leader and speaker who's spent 20 years in tech, today as a Director at Google. Her new book is “Adventures of Women in Tech: How We Got Here and Why We Stay.” In it, advice, a lot of insight, and interviews with over 80 women, who all followed very different paths to get to where they are. We go in-depth on everything from learning how to be a great leader, to her way of figuring out what to do next in life, and what she would tell her 20 year-old self.