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From The Vault: 4 Key Differences Between B2C and B2B Membership Sites
3rd September 2019 • The Membership Guys Podcast with Mike Morrison • The Membership Guys
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Have you ever wondered what the main differences are between B2B memberships and B2C memberships?

When it comes to membership sites, most of the strategies that we talk about on the podcast and inside the Membership Academy can be applied to pretty much any niche or market.

But, there are a few key differences to look out for between a B2B membership and a B2C membership. These differences are important because they can potentially impact how you approach your strategy, marketing, and even your mindset when it comes to your membership site.

Dive into this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast to hear what those key differences are and how you can use that knowledge to plan your membership content accordingly.

Episode Summary:

  • How vast the range of potential impact your membership can have with a B2C market vs. B2B
  • The importance of assessing where you fit on the scale - between something that’s seen as a hobby and something potentially life-changing
  • How attitudes towards cost and affordability vary between B2B and B2C members
  • Adjusting expectations when it comes to how much time your members can afford to give to your membership site
  • Why you need to consider the level of exposure your market has to advertising, sales and marketing tactics

Key Quotes:

“The scale of how important your membership is and how much of an impact it can make is usually going to be far broader with a B2C membership.”

“While there is no one size fits all approach to pricing and there’s certainly not a set industry average, you'll often find in terms of monthly payments, that a B2C membership will fall somewhere between $15 to maybe $35, or $40. Whereas B2B memberships usually around the $30 to $60 mark.”

“It’s down to you to find ways that you can deliver value and deliver results without demanding a lot of your members time, you need to make it convenient for them to use your membership.”

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