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#15 Staycationing with your pup - Part 2
Episode 1523rd October 2020 • Pets at Home Puppy Podcast • Pets at Home
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From a wander down to the local shop, to a holiday on sunnier shores, we commonly take our puppies out and about with us. Our partners in adventure, puppies are great at getting us exploring. Sadly, accidents, illnesses and transport issues are all quick ways to spoil the fun. Knowing how to keep your puppy safe and sound while on holiday means that the whole family can relax, smile and enjoy spending quality time with your furriest family member!

This episode sees me, host of the podcast and editor of My VIP magazine – the customer magazine for Pets at Home – Kate Cornish, talk to Huw Stacey, Director of Clinical Service, Vets4Pets, and Claire Gavin Innovations Director at Pets at Home, who chat through  potential perils your puppy could face while on a campsite or beach, plus what to pack to keep your puppy happy. After all, it’s their holiday too!

As ever, please excuse the sounds of daily life, such as pets meowing and barking and other everyday sounds. We are all recording these episodes from our homes. There is some slight interference at the top of this episode which, for once, wasn’t my fault! Anyway, I hope this doesn’t detract from your experience.

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I’d love to hear your stories of travels with your pup!

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