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Pointless Rewind - Chandru Ravindran EPISODE 1, 5th June 2020
Episode 1 - Pointlessly Rewinding The Terminator
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Episode 1 - Pointlessly Rewinding The Terminator

Howdy folks, this is the first episode of a podcast dedicated to rehashing pop culture from our pasts. Today we discuss The Terminator!

Below are some highlights of our discussion:

-The Terminator: horror, action, or sci-fi?

-Arnold Schwarzenegger's acting prowess

-the merits of garbage people

-The incredible pacing and efficiency of the movie

-Whether Kyle Reese's performance in this movie is the underdog story of the year

-What to do when an Austrian bodybuilding cyborg sidles up to you in a club

-How this movie was created by John Cameron and it's similarities to James Wick

Created and Directed By:

Chandru Ravindran

Website: https://pointlessrewind.com

Twitter: @LzyNThoughtless

Music and Production By:

Anthony Ryan

Twitter: @xlerated

Instagram: @xleration

Photography/Visual Effects by:

Erik Sverdlov

Website: https://www.eriksverdlov.com/

Twitter: @ErikSverdlov

Instagram: @ErikSverdlov