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NFL "WILD"card weekend. What happened to Philadelphia & Dallas? Divisional round next? Blame MJ for this!!
17th January 2024 • Wendell's World & Sports • Wendell Wallace: Sports talk radio host and broadcaster
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{}Look back at what happened to the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys surprising playoff exists and what it means for both teams going forward

{} Rest of the Wildcard weekend. What should Miami do about Tua? The stage was not too big for Detroit. How should we responsibly access what CJ Stroud did against Cleveland? Buffalo moving on

{} Look at the next round of the NFL playoffs. Is it now Lamar Jackson's time to slay the last dragon preventing him from co-owning the NFL along with Mahomes?

{} The last run for the Golden State Warriors? Why MJ is too blame for what happened at the Chicago Bulls game recently

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