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Interview with Torrin Minutillo, Author of “The Essential Inner Game”
Episode 8725th March 2022 • From Embers To Excellence™ • David R. Hollenbach, III
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Torrin began his entrepreneurial career back in 1989, cutting his teeth in the retail space. The first venture at the age of 24 was in the video rentals business. Within a few short years he was part-owner in 3 locations. We all know that didn’t last. He then built a career in real estate, establishing his own agency in 2007 that focused on commercial real estate sales, leasing and property development. Again, the economic crisis of 2008 almost ruined him.

The result was dramatically increased success and a new way of doing business using an inner game operating system created from internal strength.

Take the time to talk to Torrin about your business journey – you’ll be better for the experience.

To connect with Torrin and his coaching programs he provides a copy of his real book (not a pdf), complimentary with an opportunity to have a free discovery session to unlock your biggest issue in business.