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TCP063: MURTEC Executive Summit 2022 Recap
Episode 638th November 2022 • The Tech Chef, Restaurant, Hospitality and Hotel Technology Business Podcast • Skip Kimpel
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Last week’s Florida Restaurant and Lodging Associations Show was a huge success. I you didn’t get to hear me speak on web3, don’t fret, you will have many more opportunities in the near future and into 2023! From what I hear, the reports are in and it sounds like the MURTEC Executive Summit was a big hit as well! I wish I could have replicated myself and been at both places at once. I am sure you all missed “The Mayor of MURTEC!” Next big show for me is the Restaurant Finance & Development Conference and the Digital Signage Expo, both in Las Vegas in less than a week. If you are going to attend RFDC, make sure you stick around Wednesday morning and join the Technology Boot Camp where Zerrick PearsonGalen Collins and myself will be teaching on various areas of technology in the restaurant industry. You can even get your certification at the end of the session. I hope that is reason enough to see you there!

Today, we are going to switch things up a little bit as I had promised you a show with Bob Gibson, previously from Jolt and Oracle where we have a VERY interesting conversation on vendor / client relationships.  However, given the fact that my colleague, Toby Malbec just attended the MURTEC Executive Summit, I thought I needed to jump on the opportunity to get a recap from him so he could fill us in on all the amazing things that I missed. I am sure not all of you were able to attend either so this will be very informative for all of us

As you know, I work side by side with Toby at ConStrata and why I love having him on the show is that we don’t always agree on things, which makes for a healthy conversation. Hey, if everybody thought the same, we would just be robots…. Hmmmm… that might actually be one of the subjects for the day. Regardless, those that know Toby, knows that this will be an engaging conversation with lots of good insight.

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Next Week’s Show

Okay, next week I will bring you the show that got bumped where I will be talking with Bob Gibson whom many of you know as the previous chief revenue officer of Jolt and spending countless years over at Micros and Oracle. Do vendors hate customers? What is the breaking point? Is it appropriate to “fire” a customer? How can you make your vendor / customer relationship be healthy and fruitful? Having always been on the operator side, I certainly have my viewpoints so Bob and I will go head-to-head and have a very spirited conversation.