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Faux Vulnerability and the Seduction of Intellectualism feat. Rochelle Sodipo
Episode 3716th December 2022 • ManageMint Made Easy formerly Let's Take This Offline • Kishshana Palmer
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In This Episode . . . 

We’re not playing nice in this one, friend! This episode features the creatively talented Rochelle Sodipo, Creative Director at Roseredd. In it, we discuss the widespread practice of faux vulnerability, the art of intellectualizing, and how you can start bringing out your own authentically vulnerable creativity.

Meet Rochelle Sodipo:

Rochelle is best known for Brand Identity and Brand Strategy. She is the founder and Creative Director of Roseredd, Etc.®, a brand support agency focused on branding and design. 

As a consultant and coach, Rochelle partners with executives, entrepreneurs, artists, and influencers to build and cultivate individual and organizational brands across their stages of growth, from start-up to scale.  She supports clients that range in size from small businesses to multi-million dollar organizations.

A fine artist and educator by training, Rochelle pairs her passion for the aesthetics of art with her expertise in scaffolding and pedagogy to work with clients to understand and refine a brand vision that reflects their core values. Her signature service, “Soul Level Branding,” leverages the Roseredd, Etc.®️ framework to go beyond design by defining, highlighting, and amplifying the personality and value proposition of a brand before curating a complementary visual identity. 

Rochelle self-identifies as a creative leader. As a designer, she prides herself on using standard tools in non-traditional ways and finding clear connections between what others may see as disparate ideas to create a cohesive vision.

Outside of running day-to-day operations for Roseredd, Etc.®, Rochelle teaches tools and tactics to support solo-entrepreneurs and other students in understanding how to effectively mix brand theory and creative artistry to drive impact while retaining the heart of a brand. 

Episode Highlights:

  • (10:50) Weapons of distraction; 
  • (26:36) Faux vulnerability; 
  • (32:15) Leverage good storytelling; 
  • (46:39) Introspection;

Connect with Rochelle

Facebook: @rosereddetc 

Instagram: @rosereddetc 

LinkedIn: @rochellesodipo

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