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Clever ways to Repurpose Client Testimonials and Reviews
Episode 9722nd August 2019 • The Content 10x Podcast • Amy Woods
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The power of social proof should never be underestimated.

A business can tell people how great they are, share lots of stories, and even provide evidence via case studies. However, the most powerful and the most persuasive marketing and sales message actually comes from our own happy customers.

Once you have client testimonials you really want to make the most of them since you worked so hard and did such a great job getting them. Here at Content 10x, I regularly repurpose client testimonials to make sure that everyone sees them! 

Here are some unique and clever ways you can repurpose your testimonials to get more clients and exposure for your business.

Find out about:

  • Why client testimonials are so important
  • Different ways to repurpose video and written testimonials
  • How to share these testimonials on both social media and print


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