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The Barkley Marathons with Alyssa Godesky (S17E11)
17th March 2022 • IronWomen podcast • IronWomen podcast
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This week on the show, Ironwomen has a VERY special guest. Our very own Alyssa Godesky has just recently attempted the Barkley Marathons, and will be sharing all of the trials and tribulations of this gnarly route. 

Barkley is designated as an “Ultramarathon Trail Race” that spans 100 miles and has a time limit of 60 hours. With around 16,500m of vertical climb, it is understandable why not a single runner was able to finish the entire course this year. 

Alyssa gives us the run-down of the marathon from start to finish. Beginning with the check-in process, she talks about everything from the “human sacrifice” to why her legs are incredibly itchy. 

If you aren’t already, follow Alyssa on Instagram @AlyssaGodesky 

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