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Embracing Solopreneurship and Building Intimate Businesses with Sam Lee
Episode 1515th June 2022 • Welcome To Eloma • Kiley Peters
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Most entrepreneurs have visions of going big and grand. Hence, as your business gets bigger, your role fundamentally changes and you have to expect more things to manage. In most cases, that is not what other businesses' visions are. Instead, they chose downsizing and kept the business small. Sam Lee offers game-changing abilities for business owners that are passionate about business but also want to keep it small. Sam also shares how significant it is to find the right network to do business with to achieve remarkable things. Discover how niching down helps you design more specifically the things that will make you create more impact.


05:38 You can always develop in your discipline further but many of us at that stage of our careers are looking less for disciplinary deepening and instead, looking to learn how we can build an effective business and alongside that, a really balanced life. 

08:39 When you’re trying to build a really meaningful practice and a balanced life, there's a couple of points of leverage. 

12:51 You can be a solopreneur or you can have a small studio or collective or even an agency. But if you're tapping into the right networks and there's a growing number of these networks, you're able to really punch above your weight class and still stay small.

14:44 People simply want to do business in life with people that they know, they like and they trust. And trust is, I think, equal parts logic and emotion. 

24:13 Don’t be afraid of niching down. In fact, so much of the power and the potential of your impact and income will flow from that. 


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Sam Lee’s Bio 

Sam is a General Manager and Commercial Leader who after working at big companies -- like Goldman Sachs, AOL, and WeWork -- decided to strike out on his own as independent consultancy, E3 Ventures. Sam is also the Founder & CEO of IndeCollective -- which is were we met. IndeCollective is a modern, MBA-Style program that equips top indendendent business builders with the practical playbooks, far-ahead mentors, and supportive peers to double their businesses, while saving 8 hours a week.