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S2E28 Why Prison Reform Resources Should Include Mental Health Therapy
6th March 2023 • Prisoner's Pardon • Michi J
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Guest:  Phyllis Leavitt

Bio: Phyllis Leavitt is a Psychotherapist, with a Masters’ Degree in Psychology and Counseling. She initially co-directed a sexual abuse treatment programs before going into private practice, treating children, families, couples and individual adults for over 30 years. Phyllis is also an author and has written the book A Light in the Darkness and Into the Fire. Now, that she’s mostly retired, she’s preparing for publication her latest book called America to Therapy.



 ·  Therapy Taboo

·  Purpose of book America to Therapy

·   Symptoms – How they act out in either two outcomes

·    Therapy done by volunteers

·    Media focus encouraging issues

·     Catching abuse prior to violence

·     Cycle of abuse

·     Therapy for correctional officers

·      Breakdown of family

·      Family Therapy

·      Balanced approach

·      They have to see it themselves – heal

·       Country has abuse from top-down

· American family breakdown



1.) American family breakdown

2.) Mental Health Therapy added to Prison Reform

3) Education/self-reflection for anyone involved in prison reform. This would allow for a balanced approach where there is compassion as well as consequences.





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