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Interview with Voice Coach, Professional Speaker, & Best-Selling Author, Cynthia Zhai - Part 2
Episode 7521st April 2021 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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This is the second part of my interview with Cynthia Zhai. We continue our conversation about the different ways you can improve your voice along with the technical workings of it. There are a lot of actionable pieces of advice in this interview!


We discuss:

  • people who think they sound like a man or vice versa
  • The physical science behind vocal sound
  • The work Cynthia does with her male clients to help their vocals sound deeper
  • The work Cynthia does with her female clients to lighten up their voices
  • The use of too much force and how it makes women sound more masculine
  • Resonance’s effect on the vocal cords and what exactly it is
  • How most people only use 4 out of the 5 cavities for resonance
  • The consequence of breathing incorrectly
  • What the 5 cavities of resonance are
  • Most people don’t use the chest cavity
  • How to correct your breathing and have more control over your resonance
  • Case studies of people who worked on their vocals to improve
  • A woman who lost out on a promotion twice because of her voice and how working with Cynthia changed that
  • The other side effects that happen when you work on your voice - happiness, optimism, being more positive
  • The connection between voice and mindset
  • Your voice is connected to your entire body and has a huge impact
  • The second case study with a man who was depressed and afraid of losing parts of his life
  • When he worked on his voice, his happiness changed and he no longer had to worry about his job or his marriage
  • The connection between progressing as a person and progressing in relationships
  • The steps necessary to improve your voice
  • Observing when you’re holding your breath - when speaking or otherwise
  • Releasing stress with your breath and voice
  • Adding in emotion when talking about techniques to improve your voice
  • The day-to-day effects on the voice
  • When you block your emotions, you block your energy flow
  • Observing how great speakers speak with emotion
  • Group coaching with Cynthia - find her on social media

You can find more information about Cynthia Zhai:

On her website:

On her TED Talk:

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