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A Howling Good Time with Jonna Summers from Banshee Manor
Episode 3530th September 2019 • I am Northwest Arkansas • Randy Wilburn
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About the Show:

This is the first of an annual podcast episode that we will do highlighting all of the Ghoulish and Frightening things to do in Northwest Arkansas in the month of October. I remember growing up and being exposed to Michael Myers of the Halloween movie series and most of Stephen King's early scary thrillers like Christine, Cujo, and The Shining.    

I can remember waking up extra early on Halloween so excited to go Trick or Treating. I think I was mostly obsessed with candy, like most children. I also remember visiting the occasional Haunted House. Nowadays, Haunted Houses and Scary attractions are the norms around the country. It’s a $10 Billion dollar industry and there are multi-million dollar operations that pop up in late September and run through early November trying to scare any and everyone that dare to enter. 

Northwest Arkansas has its fair share of Haunted Attractions and we sat down with the Queen of the Haunt, Jonna Summers, of Banshee Manor and NWA Haunt Tours. If you are new to the area and wondered if they have scary Halloween attractions look no further. Jonna not only knows all of the top attractions around NWA but Banshee Manor was also listed as one of the Top Ten Haunted sites in ALL of the Natural State. If that’s not enough to frighten you Jonna has also created a very good podcast audio drama called Buying Ghosts which can be found HERE.    

Jonna was also kind enough to share a list of the best Haunted Attractions in Northwest Arkansas.

Carpenters Mortuary Spook House, Gentry, AR

Nightmares Haunted House, Bentonville, AR -

All proceeds go to charity

Eureka Springs Zombie Crawl - Eureka Springs,

AR - Entry to the event is a donation of 2 cans of food 

The Expelled, Eureka Springs, AR

- The #1 Haunt in the State of Arkansas

Riverside Entertainment Haunted

Attraction - Siloam Springs, AR

Annual Zombie Lazer Tag - Modern Mission

La Media Luna -

Authentic Mexican Restaurant

Wrights BBQ - Johnson, AR

Fosters Pint and Plate - Bentonville, AR

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