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Episode 2: We Act Fake Because We Want To Fit In A Tribe
Episode 223rd August 2020 • Authentic As F*ck Podcast • Sun Yi
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On this episode, Sun and Elizabeth talks about our need to belong to a tribe and fear of getting rejected from one.

They discuss why we are fake when commenting on Instagram, the rise of popularity in communities and "tribes", whether being authentic means we have to act the same everywhere, and how to stop judging others.


Building a personal brand is like building a church [2:50]

Disagreeing with Instagram comments [7:53]

Feeling fake on Instagram comments [14:30]

Does authenticity mean acting the same everywhere? [23:42]

Talking differently around different people [30:30]

Fear of being judged by others [38:06]

Finding new tribes as you evolve [46:22]

Judging others vs empathizing with them [56:21]

What's needed to make a change in our lives [1:12:56]


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