"Readiness comes from tuning into your higher frequency", says Triccia Ramos, of her entrepreneurial journey!
Episode 3220th July 2021 • BOLD CONSCIOUS CONNECTIONS • LiveMasterminds, Inc. and Raju Panjwani
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Welcome to Episode 1 of Season 2!

In this Season 2 launch of our Bold Conscious Connections podcast series, we focus on stories of BOLD leaders who left secure corporate careers to become entrepreneurs!

We begin Season 2 with our very own Triccia Ramos, who takes us through her journey from being an employee for 20 years to becoming an entrepreneur!

Her story takes you through her immigration from the Philippines at a young age, getting in touch with her own super power, her pursuit of a medical career and pivoting to her love of fashion, landing a job in retail, loving dealing with people (customers and colleagues) 'feeling their pain, being empathetic', loving her multiple side hustles to make a wider impact, all with the inner knowing there was more to life...

She describes her near-death experience and other traumatic events and what it meant to becoming an entrepreneur in the face of the fear of the loss of a regular paycheck...

A terrific episode to launch Season 2 ... a must-listen for those contemplating a career change!

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