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Love Crucified - Love Crucified Community 9th December 2020
Christ's Crusade of Victim Souls –I
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Christ's Crusade of Victim Souls –I

The time has come. The principalities of darkness will consume the face of the earth. Jerusalem will weep, for she failed to recognize the time of her visitation. All will suffer; many will be lost. It is time for you to get up and walk with Me, for I have prepared you to enter this battle. You will hold tight the sword I have placed in your hands. This is the sword that Satan fears; My sword of righteousness.

(I asked the Lord how I am going to fight in this battle... I do not understand what these words mean...) In the same way I conquered this battle through the power of the Cross.

My Cross is the sword of righteousness and everyone that enters in it (conquers) with the power of God.